Good Nutrition For Cats

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Most cat owners have the common misconception that cats may be fed with a “human” diet – a completely wrong idea. Feeding a cat is pretty complex and requres plenty of attention. Before taking a cat in custody, you must understand some things clearly, be determined and financially ready to pay for vet visits, food and other things.

Signs of Malnutrition and Good Nutrition in Cats

You may notice a well-fed cat by its bright, fluffy, and silky fur, although this might not apply to all breeds. Other signs of good nutrition appear in the teeth. A cat that isn’t well-nourished will have tooth decay and might miss teeth at an earlier age, especially if you feed the cat anything with bones. Cats suffering from bad nutrition might also suffer from extreme weight loss or gain, depending on the situation.

What to Do

If you’re not sure what kind of food you need to give your cat, you can consult a veterinary pharmacy. Start with dry cat food, and don’t worry about it rotting in the cat’s plate. Make sure you feed your cat with saturated canned meat, or that meat that comes from small packets.

If your cat meows constantly and begs for the food you eat, try feeding your cat its favorite meal when you’re about to eat a meal yourself, to keep the cat busy while you enjoy what you’re eating. It’s hard to try to stop yourself from feeding your cat the food you eat, seeing its eyes getting round and teary, but your cat is better off eating the canned goods or dry food you serve it. You may serve your cat with the following foods without any worry about any negative effects to its health:

Allowed cat food

–         Beef or chicken – raw, baked, or grilled without any spices.

–         Liver (from cow or chicken) – raw or cooked.

–         Pork liver – cooked in small pieces.

–         Boiled or raw fish.

–         Boiled eggs.

–         Cream cheese or unsalted cottage cheese.

Cream, milk or yoghurt (in small quantities). Feed this only to a cat if tolerant. If you notice soft feces, discontinue feeding your cat these products, since milk can cause a bad case of diarrhea.


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