Mlm Success Strategy: Working With Lead Net Pro Create a Huge Aweber Contact Lead List

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I was told that an MLM success strategy that all of the top leaders teach to people getting involved in marketing is to build a list of names. Once you have composed your list the next step is to begin contacting those people and sharing with them your products or business opportunity. I have to admit the idea doing that scared the heck out of me and it seemed that almost immediately I came down with a bad case of amnesia. I had a list of 10 people and then drew a total blank so I did what anybody would do I cheated I used my employee list with the company that I worked at.

I thought that the most important thing that I had to do was to recruit and so my focus was on contacting people that I knew. After several months I had worked my way through my list and decided to purchase leads. I bought thousands of leads over the course of 10 years and built a couple of large organizations as a result of this investment.

I had purchased a variety of marketing websites to present my businesses with however I did not realize how to responsibly was being by not having my own standalone marketing system. One of the first companies that I had worked with for several years ended up going into bankruptcy and when that happened the websites that I had disappeared along with my leads that had signed up on my various marketing sites.

In a subsequent business I had built a team of close to 2000 people and over the course of seven years presented that opportunity to thousands of people that are registered on my website but never joined. When I left that company once again I left all my leads.

It was not until a more recent business venture that I decided to learn online marketing and it was during this time that I was educated in the value of a list. The kind of list that is not company specific – it is portable and can be a continuous source of income. Not everyone that you speak to will be interested in your business; but if they registered their name e-mail and phone number on your website, you have the legitimate right to remain in contact with them until they have opted out of your list.

I have used several different e-mail programs to manage my list but the one that I recommend to folks now is Aweber. Their system works extremely well with WordPress and with very little effort you can create a lead capture page. When you approach somebody about your business the timing may not be right for them to join but that can change. You may have training materials that you have created that you could market to your list and as a result create a secondary income apart from your network marketing business.

My advice to anyone wanting to make marketing a career then purchasing Aweber or some similar e-mail/list building software should be at the top of the list of must-have tools. If you’re planning to make marketing your career and I believe it’s important to get started the right way-your MLM success strategy should not happen by accident. There are a variety of reaching out methods that you can use to build your leads list and one that I would highly recommend you use falls under attraction marketing.

I use a program called Lead Net Pro, it allows me to go onto the Internet and capture hundreds and in many cases thousands of leads that I can turn around and contact directing them to my lead capture landing pages by phone broadcasting a simple message. A third tool that I use is EMC which allows me to send out an e-mail to the leads that I capture directing them to my lead capture page



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