The Best Way to Succeed in The Second Interview

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Just few best candidates are invited to undertake the second interview. So do not expect to succeed comfortably. If you plan to vanquish all other guys with your experience or education, it’s time to realize reality. Such factors decide in the initial interview and the pre-selection steps of recruitment. When we speak about the second interview, these  indeed.

Here it is time to demonstrate key abilities and to do the right impression on the one from the interviewers who decides at the end – VITO.  
What is the best way to do it? You can use the listed tips to make the right impression on the director and ace your second interview.

1. Look at things from the point of view of entrepreneur, not from the perspective of a workforce member. Employees are interested only in wages, but company owners concern about business revenues.

2. Try to establish as good relation with VITO as possible. VITOs are not recruiting consultants. They do not watch your non-verbal communication and they are not interested in thousands of little details. They basically want to employ in their corporation colleagues they enjoy to speak with about different topics and feel good being with. If VITOs love to spend time with you in the second interview, they will like to employ you.   

3. Think always two steps further. Decision makers live this day, but think always about the time to come. When answering the questions in the second interview, do not hesitate to propose your thoughts about some innovation of the business processes, challenges that could occur and of course, your solutions. Be always two steps further and you will walk away having the great job contract in your hands.    

Nearly always few people employed in the company sit in the second interview. Recruiting consultants, executives and possibly few assistants sit in it. But in fact, in 90 percent of cases just one person takes decision who will get the contract at the end of the day. Yes, you are right, it is the decision maker.

Attempt to create nice relationship with him, think about things from his perspective and always think few steps forth. That is the best guide how to ace the second interview and earn a job you really wanted to have. Use the presented tips and enjoy your success.


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