Props to Justin Bieber For Going to Japan

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Justin Bieber has announced that he’ll be going to Japan to tour, despite the madness that’s ensued in recent months. While many crew members have refused to travel with him for fear of natural disaster reoccurences and raditation, Justin Bieber will go to Japan to support his fans.

I think this is fantastic on Justin’s part. Even though it seems like a small, trivial thing to see Justin Beiber after communities in your country are destroyed, I believe that seeing Justin Bieber will be a huge event for many people in Japan.

Many members of Justin’s crew refuse to go to Japan out of fear of future natural disasters and cancer risks, which threaten Justin’s concert plans in Osaka and Tokyo. Not only that, but the question of whether to go to Japan or not has torn Justin’s crew apart over their differences. Manager Scooter Braun supports the idea of going to Japan and giving the kids of the devastated country a few hours of happiness, while crew members cite Avril Lavigne and Slash’s cancelled tours as evidence that not going is the right thing to do.

Despite the protests of the crew, the country of Japan has given the all clear for Justin to go to Japan, saying that it’s safe to go now. And, other artists have not cancelled their Japanese tours, proving that not all artists are afraid to go to the country.

I think Justin Bieber’s doing the right thing by doing his concerts in Japan. Justin’s concert can bring some much needed happiness to families in Japan that might really need some cheering up right now. Besides, Justin can’t live in fear. He’s a role model, and by showing that he’s willing to visit Japan, he’s doing amazing things for his Japanese fans, and fans all around the world. What better way to say thank you to the Japanese fans that bought tickets to see him than to actually show up?

Plus, Justin has a unique opportunity here – he can help to raise tons of money for those in need in Japan – just by using his fame to encourage his fans to donate money. By showing that he supports Japan, he can encourage others to do so as well. Good for you, Justin Bieber!


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