do u Want Love?

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do u love some one??

do u want to be loved by some one ?

then here are some 10 tips for that

1)love is divine so always be sincere towards that.

2)make a good friendship with the person you love because friendship often ends in love

3)make her happy always,

4)show a little possessivenes to her if some other guys talks to her, surely the girls will like this

5)message her always but dont be a burden for her

6)always say that i wish to be with u.

7)give her little  rings,teddy bears etc as gifts.

8)hold her hands always when she is in love with u, and say dat i dont want to loose u

9)tell her that u love her a lot and give her some little kiss in texts

10)pray to god, he will be with u

iam sure that she will be yours for you fore ever.

but keep in mind that the persons who donot showing their love will understand one day how much u loved them. they will miss you for sure. at that time they will come to u for sure, if your love is sincere then u will wait for her and u will get her. none in this world can be able to destroy your love then. love is a sweet feeling when it is with u but it will be a killer when it does’nt with u. so always think and do, but one thing is for sure that true love happens not once in life, but when its happens we can feel it.

why we need love?

we need love because sometime in our life we will feel that ,if anyone is there in our life i wudnt have become like this.

we want to be loved by a person. a person who loves you only, that is a wonderfull feeling… and only a few will get that.

at first first, we will feel that we wont leave this girl when v r luving in at first stages…but later after some times or years we feel discomfortable…at that time we can surely say that he or she didnt loved u sincerely.

always love the person in ur heart….


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