Three Keys to Open The Word And Succeed

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Every human being born on this earth is supposed to live happily and successfully. But why so much of disappointment and failures are there in life? Why all stress and tension? Why sorrow and sufferings? Is there any way to find out solutions for the problems of life?

Why problems?

Human life is full of questions. What is the key to happiness? Where to find the key of success? Why are there problems in life that make even good people suffer? What is the goal of every living being on this earth? In a world searching for instant solutions how to solve these complex questions? Where to find answers for these questions?

Keys to open happiness

There are solutions which can be found through the Divine help. There are keys to open this Word of God. Only in the Word of God that man can find quick answers for his questions and gain clarity on the enigmas of life. Pope Benedict XVI recommends these three keys to open the Word and be benefitted by it. It gives man enlightenment to succeed in life.

The three keys

1) Read the Word everyday

Though it may seem to be simple it is very essential. Set a time to read the Scriptures every day. Schedule it in your daily chores. Do it as the first duty in the morning. Become familiar with the story of the Bible and find out how made people succeed in various ways throughout the ages. Discover patiently how God made you succeed many times in your own life. The more you know the background, history, and the context of the passage you read, the better you can piece together its story and make use of it for your own success. Be sure that by reading it you are living with the Word that can do wonders in you.

Wonders may not happen overnight in your life. But sure, it will happen in your life if you are faithful in your task and persistent.

2) Become a part of the Scriptures

As you read the Word every day, try to imagine yourself that you are involved in the scene you are reading. It is what the successful people did. They walked with the characters of the incidents they were reading. They saw, they talked and they lived in those contexts. They imbibed life energy through those experiences. They were pinched by the sufferings of the characters they found there. They were encouraged by them. The Pope writes in his exhortation, titled Verbum Domini, “In the psalms we find expressed every possible human feeling set masterfully in the sight of God. In this way our word to God becomes God’s word … and our whole existence becomes a dialog with the God who speaks and listens.” (VD.24)

3) Slow down and listen

Be silent and listen. Place yourself in in the context of your reading from the Bible may feel like nothing more than playing make-believe at first. But the key is there in your quiet listening. God speaks in silence. Sure.

Modern life is very noisy and active. All these activities and noise can influence your life and may take you away from the context. Your imagination may drag you away. But be resistant and persistent. Listen. Listen in silence. Ask in silence and wait for the answer. While reading, slow down and wait for the word that touches you and catches your attention. Don’t worry at the delay in getting an answer. You will get the magic word for your success.

Listen. It is the God who speaks. He will definitely act in your life and lead you to success. You will understand what success is. Hold the keys of your success. Be happy and cheerful.


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