What Makes Just5 More Practical As Compared to Other Simple Cell Phones

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Among all simple cell phones, Just5 is getting on the rise these days. This is simply because of the practicality attached to this name. If you are having doubts about getting this phone, read on and find out what makes this phone a more practical choice as compared to other cell phones of the same kind in the market.

A Totally Easy-To-Use Phone

What makes Just5 Easyphone a good and practical phone is its simplicity. This phone is very basic and is not designed with any of the complicated features. If you check it all out, this phone can simply call and text with extra features of wireless FM radio and flash light. With this, you can guarantee that this phone is very easy to use.  If you check out Just5 cell phones review in the market, you will see that even seniors can easily learn how to use this phone independently.

More than its basic functions, this phone is physically designed to make the lives of people easier. For one, its large buttons and bright display make it a perfect phone for seniors and those with eyesight problems. The same is true for the phone’s amplified sound.

An Emergency Buddy

Just5 Easyphone is more than just a phone. It can be perfect for kids, seniors, and even ordinary individuals during emergency situations. The phone can act as a personal emergency response system, which help users to ask for help whenever it is needed. This is not to mention yet that getting help using this phone is as easy as one press of a button.

When the SOS button is pressed, the phone will contact five of the pre-programmed numbers in the phone until someone picks up. It also gives off a loud alarm, which can be helpful to catch the attention of nearby people in cases of emergencies. Cell phones review websites can attest to how helpful this phone is during situations like this.

A Cheap Investment

As compared to other simple cell phones, this phone is very much affordable. If other simple cell phones can be purchased for a hundred dollars or more, this phone is way cheaper than them. Anyone who wants a basic phone can easily invest on this phone because of its cheap price tag of $89.99.

Moreover, the Just5 phone comes with the best cell phone plans these days. The best cell phone plans offered by this brand start from 10 dollars for 90 days. This plan will only amount to $3.33 a month. As well, the unlimited service it offers only costs around $1.33 a day.

There are no more questions that Just5 Easyphone is one of the most practical cell phone options these days. As compared to other simple cell phones, this one is way over the top in terms of simplicity, functionality, and affordability.


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