How Your Body Makes Use of Calcium

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You must make sure that your daily diets consist of an adequate amount of calcium to help meet your body’s daily demand. This will help avoid bone and other problems. Calcium is an essential mineral needed by your body for its well being. Here is how your body makes use of calcium:

Your Body Increases Calcium to Aid Blood Clotting

Blood clotting is the means of healing severed blood vessels during an injury or cut, to avoid bleeding to death and renew or normalize the damaged skin. Calcium plays an important role in the blood clotting process.

When your body needs to bring healing to a cut, it makes use of calcium by increasing calcium levels in the blood platelets in the affected part. This will then bring about a series of reactions that causes a protein called fibrinogen to clot or bind the cut or wound area, this action of clotting or binding aids in stopping blood flow or bleeding.

Your Body Uses Calcium to Strengthen Bones

Your teeth and bones will not be strong without calcium and that can become a problem to your health. Your body makes use of calcium to strengthen your bones and thereby gives support to the many body structures and bone mass.

Sufficient amounts of calcium are needed to carry out this bone strengthening function, without which your bones will becomes weak and fragile, resulting in a bone problem called osteoporosis.

Your Body Uses Calcium for Muscle Work and Movement

Impulses are required for your muscles to move or work. Your body depends on calcium to relay nerve impulses between nerve fibers in the muscle tissues.

Adequate amounts of calcium are required in your body for this to take place, to avoid body twitching and heart muscle failure.

Your Body Uses Calcium for Brain Function

Calcium is essential in brain functioning. Signals are needed in one part of the brain or the other. Your body uses calcium to convert electrical impulses into chemical signals in the brain.

Having known how your body makes use of calcium, it become very imperative to make sure that your daily intake of calcium is adequate or in right proportion to avoid many body defects that may accompany the lack of calcium in your body.


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