Reduce Mental Clatter, Think When You Must

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Mild mental stimulation is very much beneficial it relieves boredom and can make us happy. There are great many things we can do to keep ourselves entertained, the trick is to know when to stop and unwind. Habitually fatigued mind will cause all sorts of physical and mental ailments. So how can one reduce mental clatter and enjoy peace and health?

Learn to live in a present moment. Concentrate on what you are doing at the moment, at the task at hand: when you walk to your office- enjoy the walk to the office, pay particular attention to your surroundings rather than chatter mindlessly on the phone or escape reality into the deafening music on your iPod.

Think when you must. Don’t dwell needlessly on the past events, but strategically analyze situations so that you can improve on the future. Past is good only for one thing- so that you can learn. After you decided on the changes or developed a plan of action cease mulling over past events. Leave past where it belongs- in the past.

Stop worrying, hovering and analyzing people in your life. Be there to help the loved ones, but don’t control, don’t demand and don’t complain. Each one of us must live our own life. Overanalyzing the behavior of others may actually be counterproductive because you can see only one side of the picture, your side, and you will most likely misinterpret the situation and misjudge the other person. Think what will improve the life of the loved one, do your part, make your suggestion and leave it up to them to make a decision. Your task is done; there is no need for you to think about it any longer.

Learn to plan. Take time to create detailed plans: short-term and long-term. Decide what your life will be like. Follow the plan. Don’t worry about the future.

Don’t rush. Be always in control. Give yourself time. Plan for the future, but do one step at the time. If you rush you will only make mistakes.

Don’t panic. When things go wrong you must keep your wits about you. Ask yourself “what can I do now to help the situation?” If you panic you will not be able to think and get yourself out of trouble.

Filter out unnecessary noise and distractions. It is easy enough to turn off the TV at home and make the place quiet and relaxing, but how can you turn off incessant chatter of people at home or at work? If you can’t avoid being in noisy, chatty environment you must take steps and learn how to ignore or filter the noise out of your mind. Concentrate your attention on the task at hand ignoring your noisy surrounding; if it doesn’t work change your task.

Find time, preferably after every 40 min of mental concentration to refresh your mind, spend 10 min without thinking. Learn to keep your mind empty of any thought. Find time when you don’t think of anything at all and just be. Explore the art of meditation.


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