Cheer up Mom, You Are in God’s Place on Earth

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Ancient Hindu Vedas have honored motherhood saying, “Mathru Devo Bhava” meaning “Honor your Mother as God.” All religions glorify the status of motherhood.

Motherhood is the noblest blessing on the earth. It is the greatest call. God blessed it in a special way being born on earth of a mother. Motherhood is not a second-class entry of service in family life. It is not the outcome of an untimely play of two people. It is the extension of God’s work on earth. It is the great honor of a woman. God is ever present on this earth through motherhood.

Mom is the most beautiful word in any language

Glory of motherhood is such a great one that words cannot explain it.  The word, that means “mother” is the sweetest and most beautiful word in any language. It is one of the first words that we learn to say as a babe. There is a soothing and magnetic power in it.

Mother makes the images of God and returns to Him

A mother molds the life and shapes the characters of her child who has an eternal soul and returns it to God in eternity. She can make the child god-like or an evil devil. Once there was a young man in a penitentiary, who refused to take his mother’s picture with him when it was offered him and he replied, “I don’t want her picture. I am in this place today because she nurtured me to grow into this gambling life. She was the one who failed to check me when I sought bad habits, and I committed the crime that put me here because of the life she lived and showed me.”

Mom, you are really great

A mom is none but God’s love in action. She looks with her heart, feels with her eyes and feeds with her blood. A mom is a bank where her child is safe to deposit all its worries and can withdraw strength and love confidence. Mom is the bravest person on earth. She forgets her own welfare when her child is in danger. She sacrifices her very life if needs be for her child. It takes real bravery to fight the battles of life that a mother fights.

Moms, God whispers His blessings for you

Today, God whispers His blessing for all the mothers on this earth. His abundant love will ever be with every mother, filling them with His gifts of wisdom, guidance, strength, patience, and love. May all good things be with you keeping you moms, with best of everything. Generations will cheer motherhood, saying, “Her children rise up and call her blessed.” (Proverb 31: 28)


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