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These days, as many other things and concepts, Asian furniture has become quite a popular American preference. Asian furniture describes all products for home décor from countries like Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Burma, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India and Thailand. It includes furniture but also art pieces. Asian furniture includes crafted items from India and Burma during the British occupation and also contemporary pieces that have been reproduced in this style.

These furniture pieces are quite similar when speaking about design but each country creates its own specific style of furniture which represents the culture of that country. But an interesting aspect of Asian furniture is that each country inspires its creations from other country’s cultures or products. For instance, Japan is exporting Shoji screen which was originally made in China. The popular ideology called Feng Shui has Chinese origins. The furniture from Southeast Asia features carvings over dark wood and it has Hindu influences.

Asian furniture is also well known as Oriental Furniture and is usually made of teak wood. The process of creation is based on the Buddhist principles of living in harmony and simplicity with your environment. Asian furniture is also a mixture of function and form, in which the design and art complete each other beautifully and harmoniously. As the Eastern and Western styles tend to blend more and more, the Shoji screens that reflect Western tastes are more popular. There are more colors and patterns and designers available today who have gradually started to create more expressive and daring fusion pieces.

The most popular Asian furniture piece is the Shoji screen. It is made of rice paper and lattice wood and the Shoji lamp, Shoji doors, Shoji room dividers are used more commonly in Western offices and homes. Other famous Asian furniture pieces are cabinets and accessories.

The biggest manufacturers and markets of Asian furniture are Taiwan and Korea; also Australia, Us or Europe. The biggest importers of oriental furniture and house décor are Germany, United States, France, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada.

You can easily get all the furniture pieces you need if you want to create your personal “Dojo” or you want to build a personal meditative space. Asian furniture is the best choice thanks to its transportable and timeless qualities, but also due to its fantastic and relaxing style.

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