How to Stop Your Cat Scratching Your Furniture

Everybody knows how important it is for a cat to scratch, but sometimes the health of the cat implies the damage of the furniture. If you are one of those desperate cat owners who doesn’t know what to do to stop the cat from scratching and destroying the furniture, you have come to the right place. This article will help you keep the cat healthy and the furniture in good condition.

First, you must acknowledge the reasons for the cat’s behaviors. By its nature, the cat is a hunter. The sharp claws and teeth help them climb trees and hunt for prey. It is less likely for a domesticated cat to go hunting but it still has the instinct of sharpening its claws and the bad thing is it is using your furniture as a sharpening tool. Another reason for this behavior is marking its territory. Cat releases a special scent from certain glands located in its paws.

If you have in mind to get your cat de clawed, check first the following suggestions for preventing the scratching.

The best solution is to get scratching posts or pads. There is a generous variety of posts and pads and you can choose the one that fits your cat’s size, weight and preferences. If you have time, you can design your own using heavy pieces of plywood and a pieces of carpet that you no longer use.

After you have bought or created one of these, you should place it next to the part of furniture your cat usually scratches. After that, gradually move the pieces away from the furniture so the cat gets accustomed to it.

Another solution is to use pet repellant spray like Bitter Apple on the furniture pieces that the cat is clawing at. If you are not sure if the product will harm your furniture, test it on a non-visible area. If this kind of product is not appealing to you, try covering the furniture material with tape or aluminum foil. The cat will dislike the sensation of scratching that material and will start scratching the post.

Sometimes, none of this solution really works and the last thing to do is to have the cat de clawed which is a painful procedure and also involves some risks. Nails caps are also a good idea.

In conclusion, try using all the options you have to stop the cat from scratching furniture and use the de clawing solution as the last resort.

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