Buying Teak Furniture

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Do you intend to buy teak tables and chairs for your outdoor living space, lawn or garden? If it is true, don’t rush to purchase the first teak table you see. Even if some pieces are quite beautiful, you must evaluate its quality or else you will end up with a low quality teak table, a lot of stress and wasted money.

When you consider doing a great investment, you need to know what resources and materials are good and which ones are not.

Teak furniture is well-known for its beauty and ruggedness which comes from the organic product.

The unique property that makes any teak table, teak chair or teak chaise lounge withstand the most extreme elements of nature is its natural oil. Thanks to this, any teak table or furniture piece can last in your garden for many years. Teak furniture is resistant to swelling, shrinking, wrapping or rotting. You will have to do almost nothing to upkeep it.

I am sure with all this knowledge (if it is new to you) you must be fascinated and you can’t wait to purchase that teak table you want so much. But before that, you need to know some important aspects. Take a closer look at the teak table and take your time to inspect it.

Teak’s workmanship is important because it must offer a snug fit at all the joints without any gaps at all. Teak is usually manufactured with tendon and mortise joinery.

Avoid, if possible, pieces that have been patched together rather than use the above mentioned method. Be sure that the pieces will not need to be glued together or else the furniture will weaken. A well handcrafted product will feel quite suave and it will never feature any rough edges.

When choosing the design of your teak table, opt for the traditional style because it will make your garden or patio look elegant and classy. More traditional and less modern pieces are really comfortable and should fit the size of your outdoor space with grace.

When talking about prices, you should know that some teak furniture pieces are quite affordable and some are pretty expensive, but regardless the prices, choose a quality piece.

Teak comes from Southeast Asia and it doesn’t grow in tropical regions.

In conclusion, when you shop for teak tables or chairs, remember to check its quality, design elements and comfort before buying it.


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