Teak Outdoor Furniture For Your Home

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For centuries now, we have been aware of the qualities and benefits of teak with growing wonderment each civilization and these qualities define its use in creating teak outdoor furniture even these days. You can work quite easily with teak wood and its resistance to rot made it really popular and an important resource. Since the middle ages, all shipbuilders choose to use teak wood thanks to its strong structural properties. The greatest benefit of this wood is its wonderful ability to avoid corrosion and rust when it comes in contact with any type of metal.

It is said that the first teak outdoor furniture pieces where made of decking from unused or old sailing ships. It is fascinating how teak remained in such a great condition and could be recycled and rebuilt into teak outdoor furniture pieces. Teak furniture was greatly admired in its native country, India, and soon it traveled to England. Any English garden featured, since then, benches and chairs made of teak wood. Even these days, if you walk on the alleys of English public gardens, you can observe teak outdoor furniture in the patios that lasts for centuries.

Even today, people choose teak wood to build boats and use elephants to haul the teak wood from jungles to the waterways. The main problem of transporting teak wood is its heavy weight which doesn’t allow it to float. Elephants drag the wood logs through the thick rain forests. These elephants have been specially trained to stack the teak wood into logs and, at the end of the day; after they hear the sound of a bell, the elephants stop their work.

Nowadays, teak wood is used to build ships, expensive and luxurious boats and yachts. Teak outdoor furniture industry is developing fast as more and more people continue to place requests for this type of furniture.

Because it has a good resistance to insects’ attacks and it is weatherproof, teak wood is widely used in the manufacture of furniture. It is used to create flooring, cruise ship decks, park benches, teak outdoor furniture. You will find a fine piece of teak outdoor furniture sitting prettily anywhere in the world from tropical gardens in Hawaii to Colorado resorts and English gardens to Palaces in India.

Thanks to its fantastic properties and qualities, teak is great for creating teak outdoor furniture offering you years of comfort, relaxation and pleasure.


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