Toddler Furniture: Yes or No?

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Kids grow really fast and it will not be very long before you will need to buy toddler furniture for them. If you didn’t start looking for toddler furniture yet, you should know that these pieces are quite cute and you will not need to pay a fortune to have them either!

First, you should decide if you want to buy a toddler bed. Toddler furniture beds are suited for babies who don’t fit anymore in their cribs. Toddler beds help the child to get accustomed with beds without rails and the good thing is that it is low enough so the child won’t get hurt if he rolls out at any time.

If your child is growing pretty fast, then you need to reconsider the toddler bed solution and opt for a twin size bed. Add some rails made of plastic and cloth to increase the safety and freedom of movement of your kid in any toddler furniture bed. When talking about saving money, buying twin size bed instead of toddler furniture bed is a better option.

But what about toddler size dresser? Will your kid use it to put away his t-shirt, underwear or socks? Most of the people buy the toddler dresser because it is cute and not for its functionality. Don’t invest in durable toddler furniture for your toddler unless you are sure that it will be useful many years later after your child has grown up. A six drawer dresser is good if you plan to teach your kid to be organized and put away his clothes. It might be necessary to have someone assist him when he needs to open or close the drawers or else he might get hurt.

When choosing toddler furniture, you can never be careful enough but you can certainly try your best. Remember that some substances or smells might cause allergic reaction to your child and this could include some aroma woods or paints. In most of cases, the cause is the glue used to hold the furniture pieces together or the compressed wood. If the furniture you recently bought has a loud smell and your kid has allergic reactions, inform the doctor about these facts.

Don’t buy toddler furniture with a specific theme because a child’s personality is ever changing and after a few months, she might dislike the Princess bed you just bought. Choosing standard colors and changing only the décor is the best solution.


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