Video Production Equipment

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The emergence of digital videos and more simplified technology in video production equipment have helped any one who cares to become a film producer just in a few minutes. The cost of film production is too high however the cost of video production is low and the video production equipment is easy to use. Unlike film equipment which is complicated, video production equipment has simple basics to master and to become a film maker.

Before you go out to make a video, you should make sure that you have all the required video production equipment to use. It will be disappointing to begin video shooting only to realize that you forgot some equipment which is needed.

To have a professional looking film you should have the following video production equipment.

Video camera: Your camera should be professional, the one which is not as small as a camcorder. You should choose one which is at least the size of a studio camera and which can be connected to a cable via dock recorders. There are many professional cameras to choose from and digital ones are easier to handle.

The stabilization equipment is used to make sure that the video production process is not shaky. To make the video production smooth, one should have shoulder mounts, tripods, camera cranes and camera dollies. Good stabilization is the video production equipment that determines the video shot which has to be produced.

Film quality lighting: the lights used to produce the video should be from good lighting equipment like reflectors and grip lighting. The crate grids are used to add lights effects, while scrims control aspects of how the light is diffused.

Audio system or microphone: most video production equipment has their own in-built microphone to use for capturing the sounds. However to have the best professional sound, you should use separate equipment to capture the sound like shotgun mikes, pole audio equipment and audio mixers. After filming the video, you also need professional equipment to edit it.

Video editing software: unlike films which are edited manually, videos can be edited by software to add more effects to the video like transition, or trim scenes.

The sound mixing equipment is used to mix the sound and to balance different sound levels. With this equipment, it is easier to add noise or sound tracks.

After you have finished the film, the video duplication equipment is needed to duplicate copies for distributing. The duplication process should be able to retain the quality and sound of the original copy.


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