Computer Lessons For Beginners: Learning How To Use A Mouse

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Holding the computer mouse can be a daunting task especially if you are a beginner and have never done it before. The first thing is to hold the sides with the thumb on one side and the ring finger or opt for the pinkie. You can use either; whichever that you find comfortable to use, on that other side. Your index finger should go on the left mouse button and your middle finger should land on the right mouse button. Some of the computers have one button, some have several buttons and some have a wheel that you can use with your middle finger by pressing the wheel then turn it down to enable you have a quick scroll on the pages on your screen. When told to click, use the button that is under your index finger or the left mouse button.

Learning how to use the mouse of a computer

Slide the mouse slowly around on the pad. Take note of the happenings on the screen as you are sliding it around on the mouse pad. You need a pad under your mouse, though the newer optic mouse does not require you to use a mouse pad. You will encounter a wide range of mouse pads; find a mouse pad that best suits you. Rest the hand on the mouse and try moving it slowly, there’s no need for you to move or lift your hand from the pad. You also need not move the mouse from the left to the right but just slide it to the right or slide it through to the left with both the left and right mouse button facing away from where you are.

What does clicking do?

Clicking sends commands to your PC. To click, all you need is to press gently and then release the left mouse button. You should be careful to ensure that you are moving whilst clicking. You should also ensure that your hand is very relaxed when you are clicking so that you are able to release after the clicking. Relaxing your hands also ensures that you only lift the finger after pressing the buttons without necessarily lifting the whole of your hand.

After doing this successfully, you are good to go. This is all you will need to start using your personal computer. You should ensure that you are always working on it and before you realize it, using the mouse will come naturally and you will not even think about it.


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