Tripod: Is It A Friend Or An Enemy?

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Tripods are known to be heavy, very costly and highly conspicuous, they also take a lot of time for you to be able to set them up and also when you are disassembling them again. To sum it up, tripods can be considered a nuisance. Taking into account that we are in the age where digital cameras are used increasingly more, there is an increasing need for ISO sensitivity. Then the big question lingers, why do we bother getting a tripod? Though it has been brushed off as a nuisance, a tripod does have a number of advantages.

The ability to reduce noise – When you increase the level of ISO sensitivity in a digital camera the result is that the sound is amplified through the digital signal that usually does the recording of the image. This is equivalent to turning the volume of your radio on up to the level of 10. You will hear a hissing sound that will come from the background. This sound is an amplification noise. This looks like a grain when you view it in a film of low quality and in most cases this is translated to the image you are bound to view. The technological application behind the digital cameras continues to advance day in and day out and who knows sooner or later we’ll be using digital cameras that have the capability of recording the same quality image irrespective of the ISO setting that has been applied.

If you want to take a picture and you are in low light, there are many options that you can apply. First you can opt to use a flash as it has the capacity of giving very creative and natural results but this depends on how you have used it. It is important to note that a flash won’t work in all instances and on all subjects. At times it is inevitable to sit your camera on a tripod. This is important essentially to help you reduce the ISO and also help in slowing down the speed of the shutter so that it is able to take up all the light available.

Another advantage of the tripod is the creativity aspect that it is able to bring. Just like the other accessories for your camera, other than being utilitarian, tripods can provide creativity. For example, a cityscape in the night and there’s traffic that is running on the scene, or even better consider the moving clouds up in the sky. To be able to capture these scenes, a tripod comes in handy.


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