Things To Consider When Purchasing A Printer

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There are a number of things to consider before you settle on a purchase to ensure you are getting the highest quality printer that will be worth the money you spend.

The first thing to consider is the DPI of the printer, which is the dots per inch. This is the resolution at which the printer is capable of printing photos and the resolution at which it prints documents. A higher dots per inch translates into you getting very high quality printouts. The quality of your documents and photos will be the best depending on this one factor. 

Take into account the cost you are bound to incur for the purchase of ink. If the quantity of work is going to be large, it is obvious that you would need to purchase ink cartridges for your printer quite frequently. This makes it important to factor in the cost of ink cartridges as well when purchasing your printer. 

Have a look at the connector and ensure it is compatible with the system you have. A number of recent printers connect through the USB port, whereas the older ones connect through the use of a parallel port, a feature that may be lacking in a number of computers. 

When taking into account the cost of the ink, consider the number of pages one ink cartridge is bound to print. If the number of pages it will print is high then the cost of the ink might be justified even if it is a bit higher. If the number of pages it is going to print in total is low compared to a similar ink cartridge, you should opt for another printer that offers better results. Look for a cartridge and printer combo that gives you the best deal for the money you spend. 

Look at the warranty that you are offered. Electronics of all kinds, printers included, should carry a warranty from the manufacturer. The warranties vary in validity ranging from 90 days to a whole year and may include defect in the material or the workmanship. If the printer develops a problem when it is under warranty, it is a relief rather than when it spoils post the warranty period. It is wise to be keep the original receipt and the information relating to warranty so that you don’t face a problem when you present it to the seller.


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