All You Wanted To Know About Cartridges

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Cartridges are sub units that are detachable and are usually held within their own containers. They were made popular by the computers that had come out earlier like the Commodore and the earlier TV game systems. One major advantage that is associated with cartridges is the fact that they have the capacity of facilitating quick uploading of software from one media format to another. It is very useful to help the software maintain its sturdy form and be very resistant to damage.

In the 1980s and the 1990s, all video game home systems were based on the cartridge concept. Technological advancements in the late 1990s resulted in the introduction of the CD technology as an alternative for better storage of data. Companies that were dealing with manufacture of hardware moved from making cartridges to gaming systems that were based on CDs. This was due to the fact that the cost of cartridges was  high as opposed to CDs that were very cheap and the CD-Rom proved cheaper thus the shift.

Today cartridges are used in the printer industry. They are put in very large containers which has inlet and outlet ports. The inlet and outlet ports contain about 13500 fibers and contain space of about 16KB for storing table of contents and information regarding location of files. Each and every cartridge has the capacity of 256 MB of data that is not compressed. There are several types of cartridges including the inkjet cartridge, laser cartridge and the toner cartridge. These cartridges are bought already filled with ink, though we have some that are a bit innovative and refillable too. All these types of cartridges are also known as remanufactured cartridges.

Cartridges that have been remanufactured are available in abundance in the market and one can easily be duped into thinking they are the original ones. Due care should be taken when purchasing printer cartridges and you must ensure that their filling is done in a proper manner and safely to prevent any future problems. The most common problem that is associated with remanufactured cartridges is that they are in most cases prone to leaking, especially when they are not filled in a proper manner. If you do happen to get a remanufactures cartridge that is leaking, you must return it to the seller where you bought it and not use it lest it damage your printer. 


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