Monthly Horoscopes For May For All Star Signs

In May the Sun travels through Taurus until the last seven/eight days or so when it will be in Gemini. Taurus is a steady, earth sign. Things might tend to happen more slowly in May but a more thorough job will be done. It’s a month when patience almost always pays off.

Aries–  Taurus is the sign in your horoscope that’s related to your earning ability and income. Work on these areas if you would like to increase your earning power. Focus your attention on the things you do best now and be determined to finish what you start!

Taurus – You are thinking about your long-term future and you are ready to make changes in your everyday life to bring about your hopes and ambitions. There will be many fun social events going on now and plenty romantic activity. Boundless energy will carry you through the month.

Gemini– You will need to make some time this month to examine personal matters and any problems relating to your private life. Changes that were discussed in the past but not implemented may once again come up for discussion. You might all decide that the time has come to bring these about.

Cancer– You are known for your sensitive nature, your compassion and your understanding. These are all qualities that will be evident in your relationships now. A strong determination to reach a certain deadline will pay off by the end of the month.

Leo – Your respect for someone who has taught you a lot these past few months is mirrored by their appreciation of your knowledge and talents. Where others have helped you, you are now in a position to pay back this favour by supporting them when they need it.

Virgo– Travel, communications with those from distant places and media interests are all likely to play a part in your life this May. Some changes in plans may occur and if so, they will turn out to be to your advantage. Expect to spend a lot of time on the phone or internet.

Libra – You might be looking into ways of increasing your income or making new investments. It is unlikely you will see quick results and it would be sensible for you to stick with the least risky forms of investment. You will be expected to help if the home is being redecorated. Expect to be replacing some furniture.

Scorpio– One-to-one relationships will benefit from all the extra attention you will be willing to give them. Ties of affection will grow deeper because you and your partner are taking time to really get to know each other. It’s a great time to arrange a romantic break. You might also hear of a business opportunity that’s worth your serious consideration.

Sagittarius – Career matters will keep you occupied as you take on new responsibilities. You will take your job seriously and no matter what challenge faces you, it is unlikely you will give in. You intend to succeed in all that you do.

Capricorn – You’re in the mood to have some fun. This could be a busy month for romance and social interests. You are bubbling over with confidence and vitality and this adds an extra zing to your sex-appeal.

Aquarius – There will be no shortage of energy to put into your family affairs. There’s a lot going on within your own four walls. You’re in the mood to lavishly entertain your friends and they will enjoy visiting you. You can look forward to more congenial relationships with older relatives.

Pisces– Trips will be fun throughout the month ahead. Even so you would do well to keep a watchful eye on the costs involved. Fellow travellers could have expensive or extravagant ideas; be sure not to get caught up in their enthusiasm. Mental pursuits and cultural activities will also bring you a lot of pleasure.

All signs should be careful with their cash and be willing to work hard to get results during May while the Sun is in the sign Taurus.

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