Sort Your Computer Furniture, Stay Fit

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Since uncomfortable computer furniture may cause injury or strain, do keep in mind the following guidelines when buying and setting it to save yourself from being the victim. Computer furniture, even in short terms, should not give you any strain, muscular tension or make you bend, stretch or twist when you are using the computer. Therefore, you should keep in mind some guidelines before going out to buy computer furniture.

Computer furniture should not make the monitor tilt, swivel or elevate more than what is necessary; you can buy an adjustable stand to change to different heights if you are not sure of which height your computer stand should be. If you have a document holder, the monitor should be at the same level; you should keep the monitor at least 50 cm to 65 cm in front of you. The computer furniture for the keyboard should be adjustable and detachable, while maintaining a parallel position for the forearms with the floor. You can also include a detachable wrist rest, preferably a padded one. The keyboard should be at the same height as any pointing devices like mouse, touch pad or track ball.  The computer furniture should allow you to keep the mouse near the keyboard and where it is easier to use both hands while handling it.  The computer chair has to support the back with an adjustable and independent back. You have to consider a chair which allows you to easily adjust its height, add a footrest if you want to or add adjustable armrests.

The computer desk should let you have a space for legs and should be large enough to support all computer accessories and your documents. Even if the above are just the basic guidelines for anyone who uses a computer, you can enhance protection by taking some extra measures. If more than one person uses the computer, it is good to buy adjustable furniture to make sure that each user gets optimum comfort. Take a break from the computer every hour, mix tasks where you are working on the computer with ones where you do not require the computer. To reduce the use of the mouse, you can use keyboard shortcuts.

Any computer furniture you choose to buy has to help you to keep a neutral body posture. Having a comfortable and healthy computer furniture will allow you to stay fit and more productive. 


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