Tie A Neck Tie

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A neck tie is a cloth usually worn on the neck; it goes around the neck, passing under the collar and has a knot that is tied on its front part. Initially neck ties were only meant for the privileged in the society, people who belonged to the high class in the social and economic ladder. This has changed a great deal as today anybody irrespective of whether you are high class or the middle class considers a neck tie fashionable and trendy. The neck tie can be worn anywhere and for any occasion, whether you have a meeting at office, attending an official party, attending a function or a number of other occasions. In most instances, a neck tie is a must have accessory when going for a job interview.

There are a number of tie knots that one can tie with so much ease. Knots like the one known as Windsor knot, the half Windsor knot and the four in hand type are the ones which are commonly used.

For this article, we will consider the classic Windsor tie knot. This is triangular in shape and is usually worn with a shirt that has collars that are wide.This type of tie knot is the one that is preferred my many especially when one is attending occasions that are more formal. For this tie knot, there is a series of instructions to follow.

The first step will be to place the neck tie beneath the collar so that the part that will be the length of your tie and the thinner end lay in a cross.

After this, from the loop that has resulted between the collar and the portion of the neck tie that goes up, pull the tie through and leave it down as it hangs. Then go ahead and pull the wide end away from the bottom thin end. Pull it to the left side returning it back to the loop. The next thing is to bring the wide end across the front starting from the left to the right. Then pull the wider end of the loop bringing it downwards through the knot that is to the front.

Using both hands, make the knot tight drawing closer to the collar. You now have the Windsor neck tie knot for any formal occasion you may be attending.


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