What is Learner's Permit – How to Get Learner's Permit

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Learner’s Permit

If you are wondering if you can get auto insurance by just having a learner’s permit, then you are in the right page in getting the answer you want get.  

What is a learner’s permit?

A learner permit is a temporary issued driver’s license in the US allowing you to drive with certain restrictions. Since it is also considered as a driver’s license allowing you to drive a car, then you can get auto insurance provided that you are covered under the terms and conditions of the insurance company. Although it is only a learner’s permit, no person who drives a motor vehicle is allowed to get exempted from any responsibility on the road as well as financial obligation, including minors and temporary drivers. This means that any accidents you have made on the road will make you liable.

If you want to get a learner’s permit in the US, then you should be able to do the following:

How to Get Learner’s Permit

  • If you want to get a learner’s permit in the US, you have to be at least 15 years old although age requirements vary from state to state.
  •  A parent or guardian must also accompany the minor in getting the learner’s permit.
  • A proof of citizenship is required. However, if it is not available, then a proof of residency may be submitted otherwise.
  • A vision test is conducted to see if you will be capable of driving in clear vision.
  • Written testing requisites must also be passed. This will include passing a two-part exam on road signs and road rules.
  • If you dropped out from school before you reach 18 years of age, your learner’s permit will be revoked.
  • The moment you get a traffic citation, your learner’s permit can also get revoked as well.

If you are a minor driving under a learner’s permit, you must be under your parent’s coverage of the insurance to be able to get your car covered. Since you are a minor, your parents or any legit guardian will be the one to countersign in your behalf. Although you can get insurance by simply having a learner’s permit, some insurance company will only allow you to get the insurance after you have completed tests and get your driver’s licence.

Car accidents have been known to be one of the major causes of deaths among Americans. If a person does not comply in getting even just a license permit, more charges can be pressed against him or her. Aside from getting a license permit in the US for first time drivers, car insurance is also vital when driving your own car since it will give you aid the moment you incurred any accident on the road. If you want to drive with confidence, then getting a learner’s permit in the US will make you sure that if in any case an unfortunate accident might occur, you will be covered by an insurance policy provided that you have met the requisites mandated by the insurance company.


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