Some Tips For Men's Clothing

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Knowing how to dress well is vital considering that most of us like to be considered fashionable and ‘with the times’ where men’s clothing is concerned. Sadly enough, there are a number of occasions when we do not even stop to consider if the clothing we are in suits our body type or not! Here is a guide to ensure what you wear is a perfect match to your body type and size and is the most comfortable clothing you can be in.

Let us first consider clothing for men with short waists. Men with small waists must avoid being in a pair of jeans or pants as much as possible. Avoid short tops or tank tops at all costs since it shows your short waist. Pink is not the color for you since the color interferes with the vertical flow of the body. When getting pants stitched, ensure that you always keep an inch higher on the waist.

If you have a long waist, you need to pick clothing that is opposite to what short waisted men must wear. As much as possible, be in a pair of jeans. T shirts in contrasting colors will suit you best and the kind of jackets that have a double breast also fits well with your body as they will help in preventing people from focusing on the legs. Opt for belts that have buckles as well.

Men who have flat butts need not worry either. The main part of your clothing you need to concentrate on are well fitting pants. Strong and long pants go well with your body type.  

Some more men’s clothing tips include the fact that bog and bold patterns make you look bigger. Also keep in mind that horizontal patterns on clothing make you look wider than you actually are. For a tall and thin look, opt for vertical patterns on your clothing.

When dressing for an interview, consider picking the right color combination for your business suit and a neck tie that goes well with the entire look. Ensure you don’t wear jackets that are double breasts when you are going for an interview. Consider shirts that have long sleeves and a silk tie would be the most ideal clothing choice.


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