Preventing And Removing Wrinkles From A Tie

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Preventing a tie from getting wrinkles is far much easier than when you are trying to remove the wrinkles from an already wrinkled tie. Following the simple tips outlined below will ensure your ties have no wrinkles.

The first step towards ensuring you have a wrinkle free tie is to always roll it up in a lose manner whenever you are storing it. Ensure the tie is not hung on a rack for a very long period of time as this tends to put permanent wrinkles on it. When rolling a tie, start by holding the narrow end and then winding the rest of the tie with the wider side being on the outside. Doing this eases the wrinkles out within a very short period of time, leaving your tie fresh and ready for the next time you wear it.

Ensure that you always untangle the tie before storage. If you store the tie with a knot, the result will be formation of permanent wrinkles. When untying the knot of the tie, ensure you follow the exact steps that you had followed when tying but in the opposite direction whereby what you did first comes last.

The knot of the tie should have the right amount in terms of its tightness. A knot that is too tight tends to leave wrinkles as the tie tends to be pressed against it. 

One may opt to roll the tie out in a towel that is clean and leave it there rolled for either a day or two. This helps to remove most of the wrinkles in the tie. After rolling the tie out from the towel, ensure that you hang it out for some hours. Rolling the tie and later hanging works well and ensures the tie has very little or no wrinkles at all. 

Ironing the tie lightly at very low temperatures and ensuring that you are ironing it dry with no steam works. Doing this at a high temperature leads to weakening of the fabric. Ensure that you also use the appropriate settings in terms of the fabric of the tie. 

When traveling, you can prevent wrinkles by hanging the tie loose and ensuring that the baggage has enough space so that the other clothes don’t end up squeezing the roll. If you are the type of individual who does a lot of traveling, invest in a tie case.


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