Pet Hair Remover

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A great place to start your search for a pet hair remover is by acquiring a rubber brush. This may be the solution for you. Not only is it fabulous at removing pet hair from clothing and furniture it’s a great gadget to have around the house.  It does windows, tubs, floors; it’s just a great multipurpose tool to own and a great pet hair remover.  

Get yourself a rolling lint roller. These are great for on the go or a quick touch-up. One can also wrap a little tape around two fingers and gently tap.  This will basically provide the same results.

Remember the old saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure’? Brushing your pet daily is vital in the war against shedding fur. If you have the rubber brush try it on your pet. Most pets really enjoy being brushed with them these brushes.  

Vacuuming and sweeping daily will cut down on the presence of unwanted fur. Don’t forget to vacuum your furniture or use a rubber brush.  Pet hair seems to find its way deep down into furniture and carpets. Daily preventive measures will help a great deal. Area rugs and bedding along with throw pillows should be washed on a regular basis as well.

Lightly dampened rubber gloves or even a lightly dampened hand works great as a pet hair remover.  By gently stroking in downward strokes you can eliminate a large percentage of the fur. It will roll up into balls which can be quickly whisked away to the trash.

Recycle a used dryer sheet! Used dryer sheets make a great pet hair remover for hard surfaces. I know kitty shouldn’t be on the table but it happens and when it does just give the table a quick swipe with a dryer sheet.

Whether you have one or multiple pets these tips and tricks will certainly help solve the issue of finding an excellent pet hair remover. Keep in mind if your pet seems to be losing an excessive amount of hair that you need to check with your veterinarian as this may be a sign of certain health conditions.        


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