Medically Supervised Weight Loss at Atlanta Weight Loss Center

Individuals who wish to lose weight have a myriad of diets, exercise plans and fitness programs from which to choose. Whether they need to drop ten pounds or one hundred, they can turn to books, DVDs, personal trainers, nutritionists and weight loss groups for assistance. Some of these methods work for some of these people. Others prefer a safer, more customized approach. These individuals often choose a medically supervised weight loss program provided by organizations such as the Atlanta Weight Loss Center.

A medically supervised weight loss program is tailored to the individual and his or her unique circumstances. It takes into account the reasons the patient is overweight as well as the ways in which the weight issue is inhibiting the patient’s physical and emotional health. The program itself is constructed from a combination of methods to help the patient reach his or her weight goals as efficiently –and safely– as possible.

A healthy diet and proper nutrition form the core of a medically supervised weight loss program. Multi-vitamins and supplements are utilized to keep the body’s systems functioning properly, even with a restriction of calories. Appetite-suppressing drinks or snacks may be used to combat hunger. Exercise is also a vital part of a program that may also include counseling for behavior modification. A shift to an overall healthy lifestyle is essential to ensuring a healthy weight for the long-term.

Long-term weight control is the ultimate goal of a medically supervised weight loss program. While anyone can lose weight through extreme calorie reduction or excessive exercise (or a combination of the two), the effects are generally temporary. The weight comes right back as soon as they stop dieting or going to the gym. This is termed the “yo-yo effect,” and it is avoided with these medically supervised programs.

“Fad” and “crash” diets are often dangerous as well, especially for patients with health complications in addition to obesity. Medically supervised weight loss programs begin with a thorough evaluation of the patient’s health by a medical doctor (M.D.) Patients continue to receive evaluation and counseling by the M.D. throughout the program. Because their weight is closely supervised, their health is never at risk.

Whether you are obese or ten pounds overweight, consider a medically supervised weight loss program if you wish to lose weight and keep it off long-term. The best of these programs are safe, effective and will help you develop the diet and exercise habits necessary for lasting weight loss.

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