How to Make Your Htc Battery Life Longer

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The HTC Incredible battery life can achieve its maximum capability and you can increase time between charges by just following these simple tips.

Turning off the cell phone is obviously the most effective and easy way of preserving the battery power. It will help save the energy and avoid charging the phone. If you have no plans of making or answering calls, you can turn it off. Another reason to turn off the phone and save the battery power is when you are in a dead signal zone like a subway or in a remote area. Constant search for a spot which has a signal or over eager to find one diminish the battery quickly. Although some phones have an automatic power save capacity will also eat up the battery charge for it takes about 30 minutes to function. Switching to flight mode when not in use will shorten charging time.

Try changing some settings on your HTC Incredible Extended Battery phone to avoid draining the batteries. Setting the brightness level of the phone in a litter dimmer that is manageable to the eye and also adjusting the time to a stand by mode in a shorter time can be a good way to help reduce charging time. You can also do the same for the backlight feature of the phone. Turning off the vibrator mode will be a big plus considering that feature drains the power quickly.

When not surfing the internet or download something, it is better to turn off the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi’s are really big power drainer. Follow these simple steps, look for Settings, then Wireless controls, and then Wi-Fi, and go to Wireless Settings to turn off Wi Fi.

Activated GPS for HTC Incredible extended battery constantly searches for satellites and in that procedure eats up lots of energy from the battery. Turn off the GPS in your phone unless you are tracking certain locations. Turn it off by going to Settings, and then go to Security and location and disable GPS satellites. Having a Blue tooth continuously turned on will definitely absorb all the energy in your battery. To turn off the Blue tooth, go to Wi-Fi, choose Wireless Settings and Blue tooth. Switching the network to 2G will help conserve more power for the battery. When you do not need to access high speed files, you can turn it off and go to Settings, find Wireless controls, look for Mobile networks and check 2G networks.

Following those simple tips will help your HTC Evo extended battery increase time between charges and make your battery last longer.


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