Do You Believe in Fairy Tale?

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We have all grown up knowing all the fairy tales, when we we’re just a wee kid before falling asleep our parents would read us stories about prince, princess and villains. Those tales are great and glorious and one would think that if there really are princes and princesses you would want to be the main character of the story and live happily ever after.

That’s we all think, a long time ago, we are all grown ups now and all those fairy tales we’ve heard are not true. Reality sure bites and it’s hard to take. You’ll have the long route of finally accepting that they are all fictions and made up with fools that live in this world who wants to run away from reality.

But it sure one warmsthe hearts if we see a real life story of a real prince, falling in love and marrying for love and that woman is not of royal blood but a commoner. Yes, I watched Prince William and Kate’s wedding. I just can’t help myself. It just made a tinge in my heart watching them. Here is a real prince finally having his ever after. I hope they live happily ever after.

After watching the wedding it made me reflect that maybe I may not believe in fairy tale anymore but I am still waiting for my ever after. I know, I am not alone. I am not waiting for prince charming galloping away and try to sweep me off my feet, or kiss a hundred frogs to make them a prince. I am not that a dreamer. But I do still believe that someday, somewhere my prince will come. He may not be a prince with no royal blood but a prince that wil take all the demons in my heart away and make me happy ever after.

You might think I am a hopeless romantic, yes, I am after all a pisces but my faith is telling me that I am destined to find him sooner than I think. 🙂

I don’t know why I feel so mushy about this. I think  I am in love with falling in love. It’s been five years already, I think now I am ready to fall in love again and cast away the memories that I’ve had with my previous relationship.

I hope in my journey, I’ll meet my Prince, he may not have a steed anymore, which is more than alright for me since I don’t know how to ride one, a car would do, and live happily ever after in our modest house. He may not be a real prince like what they have in the fairy tales but a prince meant for me to make me happy at all time.


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