Is it Okey to Celebrate Bin Laden's Death?

We’ve all heard the news that at long last Osama Bin Laden is dead, and all over America people are rejoicing. I can’t blame them for that since they we’re affected with what happen with the 9/11 , and we can never forget that, and mourned the deaths of the victims of that tragic event.

But I think we should not exalt with the death of one human being. It’s just so wrong to rejoice someone’s death when there are others who are mourning. Can’t you feel it in your heart that he may be dead but it does not mean that terrorism would be stop. As long as their groups hold on to their ideals we will have meaningless wars with each other.

Have we forgotten the Golden Rule? “We should not do unto others what we don’t want others to do unto you.” I’ve always kept that saying in my heart and if all of us would just follw it maybe we’ll have peace.

Yes, Osama Bin Laden have done a lot worst, killed a lot, a murderer, but who are we to just decide to kill him. We are just merely human being and we can’t decide on who should be killed. Can’t we just settle this in a manner, where both parties would talk and  settle their difference? I know it’s just a wishful thinking. Our Government does not negotiate with terrorism.

I don’t know why I feel sad, a compassion for a murderer. What urged him to do that? Is killing the only answer to attain peace?

We may have eliminated one of their leaders but there are a lot more like him out there who would replace him. Maybe we should think a plan, where we reach out to them and asked what are their goals? Do they feel happy killing innocent people? Is killing really necessary?

So many questions, I hope wars would stop. Civilian lives are the ones being affected by these wars. ;(

I think we should focus more on helping their offspring. Early in their cradle, they are being taught to fight and that’s brain washing. With proper education, I think they will be led to the proper path and learn by themselves that they don’t have to follow the ideals of their forefathers. They will be the one to set their fate, not the fate that their parents wants them to take.

In the news, they have a lot of children soldiers, and my heart wold went out to them. I pity them. They are being led astray. Parents should not dictate what their children should do with their lives. Maybe that’s one of the reason why there’s no democracy in middle east and they are mostly govern by military. Maybe because of poverty they have nothing to go but to rely on guns and think that they are fighting for their own lives.

We should learn to be compassionate with other people, not just our kin. We are all brothers and sisters anyway, we are all created by God, aren’t we? so let’s all think of ways to stop wars and help our neighbors who are in need.

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