Lenovo Thinkpad T410S-563 Review

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Lenovo ThinkPad T410 is one of the best laptops 2010 and first laptop from this manufacturer to come with the Optimus technology from NVIDIA, which allows the users to switch between integrated and dedicated graphics automatically, allowing them to save power.

The T410s comes with a 14 inch screen that is LED backlit and it has a 1440×900 resolution. The processor installed on the version that was tested was a Core i5 560M, the graphics card is NVIDIA NVS3100M and storage is offered through a 128GB SSD from Toshiba. This model is a very light and thin notebook, having only 4 pounds in weight and a thickness of less than one inch. If you compare it with other notebooks with a 14 inch screen, you will see that it’s one of the thinnest and lightest models out there.

The price of the version that was tested is a bit over $1,700 at Amazon.com, but you can get it both cheaper and more expensive, by choosing a model with fewer options or one with extra options. It’s not a cheap laptop, but if you compare it with models with similar specs, you will see that the price is a good one. The regular warranty period offered with it is 1 year, but it can be extended to 4 years if you want to pay extra.


The ThinkPad T410s is a very thin model (0.83 inches thickness) with less than 4 pounds in weight. This makes it a great choice for anyone that needs a notebook that is ultra portable while still offering quite a bit of processing power.

The quality of the keyboard is good on the T410s, something that is true for most ThinkPad models from Lenovo. At the notebook’s rear you can find the DisplayPort connector, USB/eSATA, USB 2.0 connector, Ethernet, VGA port and a power jack.

Battery Life

When tested with the Battery Eater Pro application, the battery of the ThinkPad T401s lasts for 108 minutes with a full charge. While the number does seem low, it should be noted that this application works the graphics card and the processor continuously, so in real world use the battery should last quite a bit longer, especially since the Optimus technology is included.


All in all, the notebook’s performance is quite satisfying. The Core i5 CPU is a bit faster than what most 14 inch notebooks come with and the notebook also has an SSD of 128GB for storage purposes, which also helps with the performances.

When you look at everything the notebook offers, we saw that the performance offered is adequate for a business user and it even allows for setups with multiple displays, thanks to the decent graphics card. While this notebook will not run the latest graphics intensive games at full details, it’s capable of running games with lower details and a resolution of 1440×900.

The downside of the Lenovo ThinkPad T410s is the battery in our opinion. In the worst case scenario, the battery will only last you for about one hour and a half, which is not enough for a business user that is on the road a lot but when you consider the specs, the trade off is not that bad. If you’re looking for a thin notebook that is light and comes with plenty of processing power, the ThinkPad 410s is a good choice and you should check it out.


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