Psychology 30 Essay 1

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Domestic Violence

There is a wide span of things that cause violence in human behaviour. Domestic abuse is a category for Family Violence, Child Abuse, Spousal Abuse, and Wife Battering. It is one of the main reasons for violence in human behaviour; because people who feel or are threatened or angry sometimes tend to react with violence. People, who have been abused for a long period of time, often have a build up of anger inside of their mind and they react violently towards it and other people.
All cases of Domestic Abuse are forms of bullying and manipulation. The goal of most Domestic abusers is to gain control and power of another person, whether its in a relationship, or a family situation. They way they gain what they want is by inducing fear and pain into their victims. A person who is surrounded by violence every day may reach a point when they no longer recognize violent behaviour or events.

Family Violence may occur upon both parent and child. It includes many forms of abuse and violence; such as Physical, sexual and exploitation, neglect, psychological, and economic abuse. The abuse goes around in what seems to be a never ending cycle of four distinct phases.

Phase one: Tension Builds: Arguments start.
Phase two: Explosion: A fight breaks out, and abuse starts.

Phase three: Denial: The abuser denies all accusations of abusing the victim; the abuser may make excuses as to why the assault happened.

Phase four: The Honeymoon:  The abuser apologizes, and makes the victim feel loved and hopeful. The victim often knows that the honeymoon phase won’t last long, and tension soon builds up once again.
Each phase breaks the victim down little by little until they are left feeling helpless and broken. The phases go around in a cycle over and over again. This cycle is seen in a lot of abuse cases. The cycle keeps the person fearful and emotionally off balance.

Child Abuse is a very common form of domestic abuse; that is also known as Child Maltreatment. It is easier for an adult to act violently towards a child; because young children cant fight back, and it often gives the abuser a sense of satisfaction and power. Children who suffer from Child Abuse are more likely to commit a form of domestic abuse in the future, than if the victim were an older male or female. Children who survive the abuse placed on them by family, or other adults in society may have a romantic relationship with someone and become so dependant on that person they end up in a situation that they can’t find a way out of.
Child Abuse is more than just a bruise or a broken bone; Child abuse includes neglect, sexual and verbal abuse. People may not be able to visibly see a scar on a victim of child abuse, but the scars are there. The victim often has inner scars; self-confidence is diminished, and their self esteem is slowly eroded.  Children suffering from sexual abuse may have trouble walking or sitting, and may even run away from home.


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