Facts That Seem to Be, But Aren’t True!!

1.       Applying butter on a burned area is beneficial.

We’ve heard it a lot of times but the reality is just opposite of the phrase. Butter doesn’t allow heat to get out from the site and it also increases infection. So never use it.

2.       Men think of sex every 7 seconds.

Its completely false. A regular person remains awake for 16 hours in a day and for this sentence to be true he will have to think 57000 times about sex in a day. This means he could not do anything except thinking of sex the whole day lol.

3.       Hairs become thicker after every shave.

Clinical researches show that shaving doesn’t affect your hair growth at all. The reason it seems true is that when you shave, hairs are left with pointed ends and get straightened making you feel they’re thicker.

4.       Most of our body heat comes out from our head.

All the above is said according to a 50 year old theory in which they observed a person in cold climate. Those old scientists forgot that only the man’s head was facing cool breeze if they’d observe him nude then body heat would loose from the other parts too.

5.       Methods to remove hangover.

People advice to take aspirin, banana, toast, coffee, water etc to remove hangover yet there’s no scientific proof to them.

6.       You consume 8 mosquitoes in a year.

Its not possible, even if you have pile of flying insects around because not everyone sleeps with mouth open, and studies prove that mosquitoes always try to run away from cavities with more temperature than surroundings, like an open mouth.

7.       We use only 10 % of our brain.

False. Every kind of brain mapping and imaging shows that not a single part of brain is completely unused and also completely used. But the part of brain we use is more than 10 %.

8.       Feeding mother can drink alcohol.

No, they shouldn’t. Many medical studies prove that alcohol affects breast milk and mixes with it and finally reach your child’s tummy. You don’t want to make him/her an alcoholic from his birth.

9.       Cold and cough can be prevented using vitamin C.

Completely wrong, science believes on phenomenon and proved things only and cold will keep threatening you but vitamin C won’t help.

10.   Hair and finger nails keep increasing even after death.

Its not true, fingernails seem bigger just because skin starts shrinking and they don’t. So they are highlighted and look bigger.

11.   You would decrease your eye sight if you read in dark.

There’s nothing true about it, people say so because they feel strain for a short time while reading in dark.

12.   You’ll get flu from flu vaccine.

Flu vaccine consists of dead viruses to prevent you from influenza. It will never make you sick. You can also use common sense here, what would dead virus do without any activity.

13.   If you pluck white hairs, you’ll increase their growth.

One hair has only one follicle, so pulling it off doesn’t work and that will never lead to two hairs from a single follicle. So its wrong.

14.   Eating at night, increases weight.

Weight only increases if you don’t burn out enough calories. A research on 2500 people shows that there’s no connection between food timings and weight. Burning of calories depend upon the amount of your work.

15.   Urine can be applied on insect bite.

If a honey bee stings on your hand, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to piss on it. Washing it off with water or caustic alkali is better. Urine has dissolved salts in it, nothing like an alkali compound. Plus it has germs and bacteria too.

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