Get Admission to UK Universities Like Dream Comes True

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Being a study of UN Universities, it’s like a dream comes true, choosing a university is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make in your life. Students in the U.K. should look at all factors before making final decision. For example, if you’re interested in studying journalism, you may want to attend the University of Central Lancashire, which is famous for its journalism department. If you are interested in the sciences, you may want to attend Warwick.

According to the British Council on Education the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service is the only way to submit an application for Undergraduate Courses in the UK Universities at this time. The British Council recognizes each of the universities that you can apply to via UCAS, and they have developed this system to make the application process easier for prospective students who are applying to multiple schools.

The only paper applications that can be submitted are those for Independent Schools through the Independent Schools Council International Office. If you wish to apply for Postgraduate Courses, there are a different set of steps you must follow. (See the link for the British Council on Education for further details.) The application process may appear daunting, but with an organized approach, you can successfully complete your application.

Get in contact with the university’s international admission office via email or phone. Even if the school’s website lists information for international students, many admissions offices encourage you to contact them, as they have counselors who can advise you of any additional information needed specifically as a foreigner, such as standard exams, visas, interview procedures, housing, international costs and specific resources to help you with the process.

Access the website of the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) at to start your application to any university or higher education course in the U.K. The majority of institutions in the U.K. require that you go through the UCAS rather than directly applying. The UCAS application is one single online application form that can be sent to up to five universities in the U.K. at a time. UCAS was designed to make initial application to U.K. universities easier, more standardized, and better organized.

Register and complete the application form University of UK.You must know what five universities and courses you are applying to before you submit the application, therefore researching the universities that work best for you is crucial before applying. The application form requires your personal information, education, work history, qualifications and certifications, and a personal statement. You will list up to five U.K. universities on the application that you are interested in attending. The £15 application fee is due at the time of submission.

Wait for UCAS to print and send your applications to each of your listed universities. The universities will contact you via mail with their decision based on the primary application. If the school approves your application, you may be asked to send additional documents such as writing samples or completed questionnaires. Oftentimes an interview is necessary during the application process. However, if you are in the U.S. when applying, there may be alternative representatives near you who can conduct your interview if necessary. The policies of each school vary.


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