Practical Traveling Tips

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Traveling is supposed to be fun! Thus, we have to avoid the hassles of traveling that may bog us down and take the fun out of our vacation.

When traveling, NEVER forget to TRAVEL LIGHT.

Bring clothes that can be easily mixed and matched so that you can bring fewer clothes. Bring clothes in basic colors that can easily be paired with your printed ones. Other stuffs you should definitely not forget are your mobile phone, mp3 player, and your camera. Sure, you can also bring your laptop so you can still go online while you are away.

When packing your bag, the best space-saving way is to roll your clothes. This way, there will be fewer creases than when you fold them. To maximize the space, stuff available spaces with your socks, underwear, swimwear, etc. If for any reason, you need to bring business suits and the like, it is best to use a garment bag to keep them in good shape.  You will be wasting a lot of time ironing your clothes if your clothes get crumpled. And though such service may be available in your hotel, this will just be an additional expense.

If you are taking the plane or ship, pack underwear and an extra set of clothes in your hand carry. At least, in the event that your luggage gets lost, you will have an outfit on hand.  You wouldn’t want to go around town using the same set of clothes while waiting for your luggage do you?

Do not forget to bring a small bag or pouch that can accommodate your essentials like medicines, hygiene and grooming aids. Most of the hotels give shampoo, conditioner and bath soap to their guests so there is no need to bring big packages of these. Just bring small containers filled with shampoo, conditioner and bath gel if you think you should. 

Make sure you do not forget to bring an extra bag which you can use for short trips to the beach or to the gym or unexpected out-of-town trips. A foldable duffel bag is highly advisable.


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