5 Easy Tips To Website Traffic

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Tip 1 : Keep it simple
The primary focus of your website is to give valuable contents to the end-user. User does not care whether your website background color is blue or green. What he really cares about is what do you have for him?

What is the use of a website which takes ages to load just because you have too many graphics in it? Is a hi-fi graphics design more important than a potential customer trying to visit your site? I am not saying that your site needs to be completely naked. What I am implying is just don’t overdo your site design.

You should, under all circumstances make sure that your website opens up pretty quickly even in a dial-up connection. How can we accomplish this? What should and shouldn’t be there? I am glad you asked.

Your site should have a good graphical header/logo. That’s how people would visually recognize your site/products. Have a simple navigation. Don’t overdo your navigation with useless javascripts. They’re well suited for graphics oriented websites, if yours is not, just don’t overdo it. Don’t add unnecessary graphics. Graphics that can be a part of your site might be Headers, Product Box Designs and others which are really necessary.

The navigation should be easy to follow, and always be available to your use no matter which part of your website he is surfing. Its better to have the at least the basic navigation in the bottom part of each page, so that once the visitor finishes reading the information on one of your pages, he can directly jump to the required destination.

Make sure that each part of your website blends in with all other elements of your site. Have a disgusting looking title made up in some graphics program and placing it in a random area of your site is just not good. When you design your site, select a central color scheme for your site and make sure each and every element matches up with it.
Having a blue theme and a red colored logo might just not blend. So please be careful.

Take a look at other sites. If there is any color you like, you can just note it down by viewing the source code of the website HTML. This is one good and easy way of determining a color scheme and a good design.

Tip 2 : The facts about original contents

There might be instance when you provide more than just Digital Products on your site. You might be providing some more information. Most of the time, you would find some source of free articles that you put up on your site, so as to increase traffic. Yes, they can bring traffic, but I insist on original content. It doesn’t matter if some of the articles have been retrieved from other websites, but original content should dominate. People won’t come to your website to read the same things again.

You even have the risk of getting your site banned from Search Engines if too many duplicate contents are found on your site.
I am sure that the contents of your site might be relevant to the products you’re offering. In that case, the subject you’ve chosen might interest you, and maybe something which you know a lot about. It’s always good to write YOUR personal experience about the subject. I am not telling you to writing an autobiography. But whatever general and standard information you give must be supplemented by your personal experience about them. If you’re speaking about some products, don’t just reiterate what other websites have said. Add your own personal experience.

Not all information on the internet is 100% right. So you can, from your own experience tell what is right and what is wrong. What needs tweaking and all sorts of such information. This should greatly help in preparing original content for your website.

This should prepare your website for anyone who visits it.
It’s always better to plan out your website thoroughly before publishing it online. Creating contents beforehand and then going and building a site is a much better option than publishing a website and then wondering what to do with it. It saves you time and money you invest on your websites.

Tip 3 : Visitors are guests, never send
them back empty handed
Visitors visit your site, get valuable contents, and maybe even buy some of your products. And what else? They might just forget about your website after that! You’re simply not going to give away the same content everytime. You would always add new contents, new products etc. The visitors who visited your site may have had a good time. So how can you bring them back?

Give them free stuffs! Write a free report on your field of expertise. Give them that report for free. Make sure your report has links back to your website. You may even advertise your products in your e-Book. But make sure you just don’t write a free e-Book for advertising purpose. It should contain some good contents. Some contents that you might be planning to put on your site might be better off in a free e-Book.

Best of all, you give your visitors the freedom of passing away your e-Books to others! You can even offer a brander, which adds something like this to your e-Book,
This book is brought to you by,

This way, you can encourage your visitors to give away your e-Book. You give the user the freedom of adding their name and link to your website. When they distribute your e-Book, your name spreads. I’ve given an example of an e-Book, but you can give away even software.
It’s also better to include your free e-Books in various free directories, to get more exposure. People will get to know more about you from your free e-Book, and will surely come for more. This way, your free e-Book can get popular, and your site gets the required targeted traffic.
This ensures that the end user has something which you had offered in their computer, always ready to remind them about you and your website.
You can even provide free information through email using auto responders. User can, at his discretion sign up for your email course/tutorial. There are many services available. This way, you get the emails of the people with their very permission. You can offer them news, new product updates and they’ll jump to your site to check it out. This way, there can also be a dramatic increase in the sales of the new products when you announce it through email to your customers.

That’s how you can easily bring traffic to new sites of yours which is selling some products. People who have already purchased from you believe in you, and will also purchase any other products that interest them from you. Opt-In Lists are the best way to get decent sales to a new and good product of yours in less than 48 hours.
I have to add a word of warning though. Whatever free stuff you provide must have good information in it. Don’t write a free product just for marketing purpose. You’ll end up with an e-Book that only has advertisements. Your e-Book should provide good information!

Tip 4 : There are many who share the same interest as you

Once you have a decent site which is ready to get visitors and sales, it’s a good time to set-up link exchanges. You can send a request to other similar sites that you would like to exchange links with them. This work has to be done professionally. Professionally doesn’t mean you have to behave like a CEO of some Multinational company. Your words should sound as if you’re serious about the deal.

It’s important to place a link on your site to theirs first. Then you can send them a request to exchange links, and also mentioning the place where you have linked to them.
Before the reason for the above, let me talk about Search Engines. In the Introduction section, I said Search Engines used solely would never bring the required targeted traffic, until you’re ready to shell out thousands just trying to market your product. This doesn’t mean that we’ve ruled out Search Engines from the list.
Search Engine like Google has a pagerank. It determines how many web pages link to your website. If you get a popular site having a good pagerank (above 4) to link to your site through link exchange, then your pagerank increases too. Moreover, Google indexes your site faster. But remember, though by getting linked by a PR4+ site increases the chance of you getting indexed quickly, the actual pagerank of your site might take a while to update. It depends on when Google updates the listing.
If you can get a PR5 or PR6 website to link to you, you can get indexed faster. With increased pagerank, the importance of your site in the search engine also increases.

So people can even find you through search engines. But as finding your site just through site engines would not bring as many users as using other Tips I’ve give in this e-Book.
One more great reason apart from search engines is that, the site with which you have linked might be getting good traffic. As the genre of your site and the other site matches, whatever traffic you get from there would be targeted. People visiting that site would click on your link, which would take them to your site. So again, this brings a lot of traffic.

This way, you have traffic flowing from various directions, which are targeted to your content. People know what to expect from your site, because the sources that brought them there prepared them for it. This is a very great method of bringing targeted traffic.

Tip 5 : Tell the world about you
This part is very much related to submitting your e-Books to free directories. Apart from e-Books, you can even write short articles. Articles are mostly shorter than an e-Book and cover a narrower subject. Writing a good article and publishing it into various article directories would surely bring a good amount of targeted traffic to your site.

Writing Articles is a way of showing your expertise. The reader decides from your writing, how much you know about the subject. This way, when he visits your website, he can be sure that whatever you offer them would be of the same high quality.
Sometimes, one might get confused on how to split the information you know into e-Books, Articles or on your Site.
A detailed guide should be an e-Book. Free or for sale, it is your choice. But something detailed should always go into an e-Book. Short but detailed information about a narrow subject should go into Articles. The average size of an Article is around 250 words. You can get an easy estimate of difference between an e-Book and an Article.
Contents that go into your site can be something intermediate. It’s up to you to decide where to put up pieces of knowledge you’ve collected through your experience.

The title of your article should be something like How to or something which creates a feeling of curiosity in the reader’s mind. Thus he would open your article to read further.

Above were the 5 Tips. Now you can put it to use easily. It would help greatly to increase targeted traffic.
Seeing the competition, you might consider using Google Adwords. It’s a PayPerClick advertising service. When someone searches on the internet using the search engine, he might see your advertisement if the keywords he used to search was relevant to your list of keywords you specified in your Adwords campaign.
You can also rely on good software to generate the list of high paying Adwords Keywords. It can really help your Adwords Campaign. One such useful software is Keyword Elite.
Adwords would be needed if you really want to get competitive. But for the initial stages, you can be happy following the above Tips.

I hope this e-Book was a good read to you, and would get you started with your website. But just remember one thing, you use the knowledge you’ve possessed already, whatever subject it might be, to bring traffic to your website. The investment is minimal. It can be of great use to you!


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