10 Powerful Foods That Prevent Cancer

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Cancer is a disease where cells divide uncontrollably and destroy the healthy tissues in the human body.   These damaged cells grow without control to form lumps of tissues called tumors, that travel along the blood stream and interfere with the functioning of the entire system of the body.

Genetic and environmental factors do influence the chances of contracting certain cancers, but studies have proved such cancers are preventable with proper diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.  The below mentioned list of common foods can prevent you from contracting this dreaded disease, if they are included in your regular diet.

Carrot  –  Studies by a team of researchers from the University of Newcastle in England and Danish University have proved that a substance called falcarinol,  found in carrots can reduce the risk of various cancers.  Raw carrots are more beneficial than consuming them in cooked form.   Eating one or two raw carrots daily can also dramatically improve overall health and nourish your skin.

Garlic  –  We are aware that this wonder bulb has a number of health benefits from clearing acnes to reducing high cholesterol levels and blood pressure.   Garlic is a natural antibiotic with powerful antibacterial properties.  Clinical findings have proved consumption of garlic either in raw or cooked form is known to prevent cancer especially prostate, breast, stomach and pancreatic cancers.  Adding small quantities of garlic to your cooking can prevent you and your dear ones from contracting this disease.

***Caution***:  Excess consumption of garlic may cause stomach irritation and some people are prone to get allergy rashes on their body.

Onions and Shallots  –  are rich in antioxidant – a substance that is rich in vitamin C, E or beta carotene.   Antioxidant neutralizes excess free radicals that are responsible for cancer and other serious illnesses as a result of DNA damage to healthy tissues in the body.  It is also known that diet rich in antioxidants can even treat cancers.  Consuming raw shallots (a variety of small onions that are produced with multiple onions in a cluster) are rich and have better health benefits than ordinary big onions.  Include shallots in your salads and relish them along with your other dishes served for lunch and dinner.  It is learnt yellow colored pungent shallots are much stronger and more effective in preventing liver and colon cancer.


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