Things to Bear in Mind When Planning to Exhibit at an Outdoor Trade Show

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The first consideration is basic safety. Stands are adapted by means of the provision of weighted bases that may be filled up with either normal water or even sand to help produce a firm base which will not end up being blown over in the breeze. There are other modifications to handle gusting weather too, one example is poles supporting advertising banners that have been built to twist or swivel according to the wind direction along with printing the artwork panels onto mesh-type textiles that permits a wind to blow through the exhibit without causing any problems or damage.

A second consideration is definitely the simple fact that the treatments and sorts of textile and ink applied for interior pop up exhibits, might not be suited to use in strong sun light or in bad weather. If you plan on using your stand for outdoor displays, you should check carefully that your chosen stand textiles and ink have excellent ability to resist fading as well as discolouring in the sun’s rays and also that water shouldn’t hurt the finish of the stand as well as that the particular inks used are waterproof.

The other distinction between trade show displays made use of indoors and the ones utilised out of doors, is the fact that most of the time, there is usually considerably more space offered. Consequently a larger stand area is going to be more economical as compared to a comparable area at an indoor event. Many stands use an open-sided gazebo-like structure and exhibit their principal stand, services and products underneath this. This gives a measure of cover from the weather to both stand materials and also visitors.

Various other methods could also be used to draw in visitors to your stand and these range from advertising blimps or balloons hanging over a stand, extremely tall flags or banners, some about twenty feet tall. Those with numerous flags or advertising banners on a single post could appear especially effective and they are generally designed to be observed from a long way off. Huge tension fabric structure designs could also be used to create effect. You’ll want to verify whether there are any kind of restrictions upon height of stand for the specific show you are going to as well as if there are any kind of overhead cables that could cause a risk to safety.

To conclude, the main thing to consider when selecting outside trade show exhibits ought to be basic safety. Be sure that the stand features a base which is weighted or even secured to the floor using a spike to safeguard people and your own stand staff members. Next, you have to be certain any fabric and materials used in your outside pop up stands are totally weather-resistant to improve the cost-effectiveness of the trade show exhibit.


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