Ielts Linking Words Collection

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A very important part of IELTS Writing Task, Linking words or Connectors are useful devices that provides the “Coherence & Cohesion” (an important criteria that is judged in writing) of IELTS writing task 1 & 2.

Now the question is, what is Linking Words or Connectors??

Linking words are neither nouns, nor verbs. They provide a writing with cohesion and show how the parts of the writing relate to each other. Any text without linking words reads just like a stream of unrelated statements with no flow.

From my class room experience, I know that a large number of students want to know the list of important Linking Words that are required to complete an Academic IELTS Writing Task 2. For them, you just need to remember the use of the following 14 linking words for a very simple but effective IELTS Writing Task 2, though you must learn more, if you haven’t already, for your study.

First Paragraph

No linking word is required

Second Paragraph

1.       To start with

2.       Furthermore

3.       Moreover

4.       In the same way

Third Paragraph

1.       Firstly

2.       Similarly

3.       In addition

4.       Finally

Last Paragraph

1.       To summarize

2.       I believe that

Special Linking Words: For instance, For example, As for example, In particular (These 4 Connectors should be used to elaborate the points made in 2nd & 3rd paragraph)

I intend to write about a simple IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 structure and the positioning of the mentioned linking words in later writings.

Complete List of Useful Linking Words for IELTS Writing Tasks

Giving examples

For instance, For example, As follows, That is, Namely

Adding information

And, In addition, As well as, Furthermore, Moreover, Also, Too, Apart from, In addition to, Besides


To summarize, In short, In brief, In summary, In a nutshell, To conclude, In conclusion, Overall, All in all

Sequencing ideas

Firstly, secondly, finally, The former, … the latter, The first point is, Lastly, The following

Giving result

As a result, Therefore, So, This means that, Consequently, Because of this / that, Thus, Hence, For this / that, So that, Under these circumstances

Giving reason

Because, Because of, Due to / due to the fact that, Owing to / owing to the fact that, Since, As


Especially, Particularly, Above all, too / enough, Exactly because, The more ….

Contrasting ideas

But, However, Although / even though, Despite, While, Whereas, In spite of


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