Calories Burned Between Walking And Running

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Do you walk or run to burn calories in your body? May be you are wondering which one of the two exercises is more effective and better to burn the calories. May be you are still wondering how many calories burned walking and how many calories burned running. However, it may not be a good idea to compare between calories burned running and walking since walking exercise is an ideal exercise for anyone who has never exercised in their life before. In fact, the number of calories burned walking or running depends upon several factors such as the weight of the person, the activity one undertakes and the intensity level. The higher the intensity, you will naturally be working harder and spending more energy and thereby burning more calories. You will need a sophisticated equipment to calculate the exact number of calories burned by walking or running, but we can still make an estimate. There are some variables which will help us in the making of the estimate. Those variables include your weight, the distance you will walk or run, and the speed. If you are walking or running uphill, for example, then you will spend more calories compared to walking downhill or doing the activity on a straight surface. Your speed at which you walk will have an important role in determining how calories burned walking. If you do the exercise at a constant good pace, the approximate calories burned walking a mile are 100 calories. The number of calories burned by walking on an incline surface will naturally be much higher than walking on a straight one. Similarly, speed will also play a crucial role in determining the number of calories burned running one mile. At a good and constant pace, approximately 120 calories will be burned running for a mile, and if you run on an incline surface, you will certainly burn more calories too. We can see here that there is a difference between number of calories burned walking and running. However, the important thing is to choose the activity, which one suits your physical condition. For example, if you suffer from knee pain, then running will be a better choice because you will burn more calories and ruin your knees as well. So, don’t take a burden in calculating how many calories burned walking or running. And remember doing exercises -whatever they are- is a lot better than not doing anything

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