Top Five Best Monsters to Kill For Cash on Runescape!

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Okay so now these monsters are quite high levels, but they’re worth the effort to kill as the cash gained is great! So here’s a list and a little info on each one!

  1. Green Dragons! The reason I say Green dragons, is that for each kill you gain 5K from their hides and bones! Plus if you want to train prayer at the same time, as the bones give a lot of experience that may be a good way to go around it!

  2. Chaos druids. Chaos druids, are great for their herb drops such as Ranarrs which recently are worth around 6K each! Now that means 1 inventory of Ranarrs, you earn a mega 150K+ and it only takes around an hour! So this way is great for low leveled players as the druids are around level 13…

  3. Flesh crawlers. Flesh crawlers, are also great for their herbs/runes drops which can earn you up to 150K per hour if you’re lucky! But the average is about 75K per hour… Also very good for newbies…

  4. Hill giants. Now hill giants aren’t that great, but they can be quite profitable because of their bones. which since their a low level are easy to obtain! So these are quite good cash if used frequently!

  5. Last but not least anything in the Godwars dungeon can be immensely profitable! There are mage creatures, that once killed you have a chance at getting a pair of Dragon boots worth 300K! I’ve also heard that abyssal demons drop abyssal whips quite often, but when I tried that I got maybe 1-3 per 5 hours…

Somethings that I think everyone should consider before going to make money from killing monsters, is that having a combat level which is appropiate for the task of killing the monster. So say the monster you’re killing has a level of 20, you could kill these most effectively at level 40 or something… Or maybe 39 if you want to monsters to automatically attack you!

Now if you really want to be smart with making money, I suggest that you merchant while killing these monsters. Reason being is that if you do so, your profits will soar through the roof as you have 2 different sources of income! One being your merchanting, and two being your monster killing spree! I think the main thing to remember here is that RuneScape want everything to take you a while, so that you constantly buy their membership… However if you follow this guide you can save real life money, as you won’t hav eto spend as much time playing the game!

Well what you do for cash is completely up to you, but these are in my opinion the best ways to make cash on RuneScape killing monsters! Good luck!


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