Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is the one day we can really go out of our way and show our moms how much we love her. A lot of mothers work so hard to keep things in order and care for children, this is the one day to let her know how special she is, so be sure to continue reading on great ways to make your mom feel special.

Before you go out and spend money on making something or buying a gift, take into consideration your moms interest. What does she like? Is there something she would just love to have? And what on earth do you do if she is impossible to buy for?

My mother is hard to buy for because she grew up poor, they never had much. She doesn’t need money or lavish gifts to be happy. I try and just do up something she will like, keeping her interest at heart. This is a small idea, but last year I bought her a cake that said “Happy Mother’s Day” and made sure to get a kind she would like, I got her a nice card, and put some scratch tickets inside.

I was thinking hard this year on good ideas for gifts and below is a list of 10 gifts I really like! Check them out and see if its something your mom might enjoy.

1) Scrapbook Of Memories – Think of a scrapbook theme you could for your mom. Perhaps she has wanted more pictures of her siblings from growing up. This would be a good time to contact family on your mothers side and see about getting some pictures donated to this idea, you could even go and talk to an aunt or uncle and find out some funny stories from when your mom was growing up and add these to the scrapbook. Another idea you could is do one about your own family, put in happy moments you shared with your mom and put in some pictures reflecting good memories, or a memory with a meaning or message. You can pickup scrap booking supplies from special outlets that deal with crafts or even the dollar store. This would be a great activity and creative. But most important the gift of memories, she will be able to look through her scrapbook anytime and laugh or shed a tear.

2) Write Her A Poem Or Letter – You can try writing a nice poem about your mom or even a letter saying how much you appreciate her and the things she does. You could even add a picture to be creative. A letter is something she can hold onto forever, to make it extra nice you could also use decorative stationary paper.

3) Homemade Card – This might a project that comes up at school for young children. If not you can always make one at home. If you don’t want to draw you can always turn to cutting pictures from old cards and gluing them to your own card or even using catalogs for something different. Your card can be short and simple or a bit more creative with some artwork. A lot of people love getting homemade gifts, especially cards, its something they can always hold onto.

4) Flowers – I think most mothers love flowers. Since its almost that time, stores will be selling them right now, you can sometimes find a small plant or bouquet in decorative wrap. If you want you can think of colors she likes or her favorite flower and try to buy her something that shows off colors she enjoys. Or you can do a classic I enjoy, if flowers are coming up pick some from outside. Growing up I use to pick dandy lions, forget me knots, lupins and lilacs for my mom all the time. She always would sit them in a vase on the table for everyone to see. I would even out of the blue go outside and pick her some when she least expected it.

5) Gift Basket – I enjoy gift baskets, not buying them premade but making my own. Last Christmas I made one for members of my family and it was a hit. The thing to keep in mind about baskets is that they don’t need to be overflowing, they just need a few items to stand out. Where this is going to be for a special woman in your life, think of what she would really like. Maybe you could toss in a movie she loves but doesn’t own, a chocolate treat she adores, bubble bath, perfume, wine, little odds and ends, even jewelery. Your basket does not need a theme, I would keep it simple and try and go with things she would want or need.

6) Take Her Out – Does your mom like art, museums, theater? Take her out to something she would want to see, maybe even it could be a trip to the zoo or a restaurant she really enjoys. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just a day out, to a spot she would want to go.

7) Clean The House – This is a favorite of mine. In some families everyone is just so busy so mom gets stuck with all the house chores. On Mothers day you could clean for her, or even offer your services for a week or month for she can relax. A lot of moms would like this gift!

8) Help Her Do A Big Task/Chore – Perhaps the attic is getting to cluttered or the garage needs a good cleaning? Or maybe even the walls and ceilings need to be washed down. Take the time out and help your mom do a big task at her home, a lot of people would greatly appreciate the extra hands.

9) Buy Her Something She Wants Or Needs – Maybe she needs new baking sheets, sewing supplies or a good book. If you don’t have much money just buy her something small that she would want to have or needs. My mom likes to get cup towels and dishcloths over all the holidays because she always is running out, that is just an example of the many things you could buy.

10) Family Dinner – And lastly a family home cooked meal. What is your moms favorite food? Get other members of the family involved and cook up something she really enjoys and don’t forget desert. Set the table, make it nice and deal with the cleanup! A lot of people would like this for a gift.

So this is just 10 ideas out of so many that you could do for your mom on her day. To me it is a day to show your mom you love her and to give her a hand with things. I know so many moms who work hard and don’t get a day off or much in return, so try and make this day extra special for her.


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