Thyroid Problems IN Women


Signs of thyroid problems in women include the change in sleeping habits, including difficulty in sleeping as well as waking up late at night by some troubled some aches in the neck part or numbness in the face. Also sleeping hours of persons with thyroid problems have longer hours of sleep. And the body feels weak all the time and wanting to sleep all the time. And the next sign for thyroid problems in women is the unexplained weight change of the person.  If there is no condition regarding the weight change do nor hesitate to ask the doctor because weight change is one of the major sign of thyroid problems. Manifesting sign also includes extreme pain in the neck or throat, painful sensation when turning the head. There are also signs like difficult to swallow, difficult in breathing. Having some signs should not be disregarded because there are a lot of complications that can bring about by the signs of having thyroid problems. Most signs are helpful in order to be able to know what type of thyroid problems the person is having.


There are common symptoms of thyroid problems in women and mostly they have the same symptoms with other conditions. The symptoms include having dry hair and dry skin. Many women experiences heavy menstrual cycle that last longer periods than the normal number of days for the cycle. Then mostly will have constipation. The visible symptoms include enlargement of the neck and diagnosed as goiter. There will be a feeling of numbness and a tingling in the hands and even the lower extremities of the body. Then there is heightened cold sensitivity. Most women complain about more episodes of depression and noticed to have slower mental process or lethargy. As well as noticed to have slower or reduced heart rate. Symptoms of thyroid problems in women can be very alarming that to even causes big problems and needs to be treated directly. Symptoms if suspected should be treated right away because most symptoms can lead heart failure and to more complicated disease.

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