The Parathyroid Disease

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Symptoms of parathyroid disease have very obvious symptoms that include depression, kidney stones. Symptoms also include having tired body that to the extent you don’t want to move and do regular jobs, having chronic fatigue, loss of energy. Also patients experience loss of memory and loss of concentration. Osteoporosis and osteopenia is another symptom of parathyroid disease because parathyroid hormone is responsible for calcium production in the body. And the lack of calcium will lead to low calcium in bones that leads to osteoporosis. The bones will start to hurt and becomes brittle.  There are also symptoms not so obvious like having high blood pressure that most patients complain about that sometimes leads to more complications.


Parathyroid gland produces parathyroid hormones. parathyroid hormones is a member of the endocrine glands that produces hormones to be used up with the body. The very step in order to diagnose parathyroid disease is by measuring the hormones that the parathyroid gland make and compare the levels to the amount of calcium in the blood. There are specific normal levels or the normal range of each endocrine gland and each production. If an endocrine gland becomes a tumor the production will be affected and will cause abnormal results to the daily normal production for the body. The outcome of this is that if the parathyroid gland produces more hormones, it takes calcium out of the bones and puts it in the blood and the result of high calcium in the blood causes the illness.


Mostly resort to surgery for parathyroid disease treatment. Each of us has 4 parathyroid gland, the doctor will carefully examine to know which part of the parathyroid gland is enlarge and needs to be taken. The parathyroid has many small veins, numerous small nerves and other important parts in the neck that should not be affected during the surgery so the patient should find good surgeon to do the procedure. The procedure takes up to as fast as 20 minute operation but should do the necessary precautions after the surgery. There are also medications that can be prescribed by the doctor as treatment with supplements to have positive results.


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