Diet For Hypothyroidism

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Hypothyroidism is a condition were the body produces less thyroid hormones. The effect of this is that the body will have slow metabolism. When the body slows down its metabolism the body will consume more calories than you burn, resulting to weight gain. Hypothyroidism diet plans is essential to manage the weight gain and be able to stay and have healthy body. Many dieticians with regards to hypothyroidism diet recommend having 6 small meals a day. In order to not starve the body and not to eat large amount of food that will create weight gain. Having lots of food especially foods that are hard to digest or takes time in the digestive system usually results to gaining weight. That is why the recommended diet for hypothyroidism patient is by eating small amounts exact to feed the body and eating foods that are easily digested and foods that are good for patients having the condition. Hypothyroidism diet plans includes refraining the diet with foods that are goitrogens because it will hinder the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Brassica family of vegetables like for example broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage can reduce thyroid hormones. Also with peanuts and spinach also have mild goitrogenic effect so should be avoided. Many studies suggest that reducing the intake of caffeinated drinks like coffee, aerated drinks and stimulants like smoking, alcohol as these can affected the thyroid function. As well as excessive dieting or by staying low calorie unhealthy diets for extended periods can lower the metabolism further and make weight loss even tougher.


Hypothyroidism diet pills are very rampant in the drugstore now a days. You can even by it over the counter and have it as supplement for daily in take of the body. Hypothyroidism diet pills are recommended for people that don’t have much time to prepare for food and people that are very busy with work. Hypothyroidism diet pills are carefully studded in order to help faster metabolism and that will help to loose weight and maintain weight of patients with hypothyroidism. There are also diet pills that are synthetic and some comes in natural capsule made of herbs that are proven safe and effective. This can be taken regularly depends on the prescription of the doctor.


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