Abuse Against Women

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Domestic Violence and Abuse Against Women


Whether it’s been around since the beginning of time, regardless of race, culture or creed, whether in the Muslim world or the Western world, abuse against women is just plain wrong.


There are different forms of abuse. Whether physical or mental, it is still abuse … even if it’s from a stranger or a loved one; it’s still punishable by jail time. And, it will happen again.


Women need to remember, it’s not their fault. They still need to seek help, be it from a doctor or health care advisor. In seeking other forms of help, the Internet is a valuable tool, but should be used with caution. The attacker can get angry if they find out that the woman has tried to seek help. Browsing history or cookies is something that can easily be used to prove a woman’s attempt to get help.


Violence against women needs to stop now. In the meantime, women need to take care of themselves and seek the help to make the hurt stop.


Abuse Against Women is Unacceptable in Any Form


Abuse against women is wrong and unacceptable. Regardless of money, the person’s appearance or public persona, whether they’re Heisman Trophy winners and NFL stars, like O.J. Simpson … alleged abusers come in many sizes, creeds, races and personalities.


There was a time, not long ago, that abuse against women was not talked about, and was a private family matter. But, a book and a movie “The Burning Bed”, which aired in 1984, changed many stereotypes, and made the abuse something that people listened to and led them to seek the help they needed. “The Burning Bed” was the true story of Francine Hughes who set her bed on fire, while her abusive husband was sleeping. She claimed that this abuse had been going on for years.


If a woman is experiencing this she can call her local Abuse Hotline for the location of the nearest Battered Women’s Shelter. Help a woman you see that is experiencing abuse. You might just save a life.


Abused Women


It could be anyone … your sister, neighbor, co-worker, your mother. Abuse among women doesn’t discriminate; it can happen to any woman. Fear, pain and humiliation are a daily occurrence. It could be someone close to you, someone walking down the street, abuse is abuse, and must not be tolerated.


Many abused women saw their mothers being abused, and they hide it incredibly well when the cycle turns to them. Very often it’s the clothes that cover their bruises or the stories explaining their cuts on their hands and legs. They say they’re clumsy, want to take the focus of them, become introverts or aggressive. And, worse of all, they might pass along the abuse to their children. The cycle could be endless.


Reach out to someone if you are abused. If you sense someone being abused now, help them get the help they need, help they deserve. No one should tolerate this, and help is a phone call away.



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