Birthday Cake

Birthday parties for children can be a real head ache. There are a lot of factors to think about to make it a smashing event.  The perfect birthday party is all about having the right selection of every little detail from birthday invitations, goody bags, decoration, ice cream and that quintessential birthday cake.

Parents are more health conscious now, so in choosing the best birthday cake you have to consider that there may be children with allergy or those who are told to refrain from too much sweet food. So we compromise a bit here since it’s not every day people get to eat cake. And what birthday cake is without sugar?

 Then there is your child who can be picky or has something in her mind what she wants and is determined that she gets what she demands: a description typically of my daughter.  It is after all her birthday, the one momentous day in the year when it is all about celebrating her.  I believe she can have a say about the birthday bash.

So my daughter got her way. She selected the design ‘My little ponies’ for the birthday cake. The words on it were made of candy and the cake was decorated with tiny ice cream cones filled with colorful frosting against a yellow background. So although it wasn’t a particularly special birthday cake, all that frosting was what mattered to my daughter and to most kids at that age.

My daughter opted to do the birthday invitations this year too. Although she is quite creative, her enthusiasm on a project that she starts on would usually fizzle out and more often than not she loses interest and the project remains unfinished. Though initially skeptical as usual, I let her go ahead with this project.  After all if things don’t work out, we would still be able to get ready-made  invitations at the stationery shop and have them sent out on time.

My fears were unfounded for she came up with an amazing design for her birthday invitations. My daughter drew the same design she chose for her birthday cake. On each invitation, she drew how everyone who comes to her party would have a sizable piece of ‘My little pony’ birthday cake. It was a brilliant strategy as every invited friend attended the birthday celebration. A memorable occasion where everyone had fun and enjoyed eating all the sugary bits from the birthday cake.   

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