Black And White Bedding

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Are you thinking of decorating your room? To begin with there are factors to consider before you decide what is best for you. First of all consider your personality, your preferences and what you want your bedroom to be. Then factor in the size and shape of your room and the size of your bed and furniture.

Perhaps you are fun loving and playful your room must be sunny and colorful. Or you have a flair for drama and excitement. Maybe you prefer your room to be restful and quite so would rather employ Zen influenced themes. Your personality will usually determine the color scheme for your space which includes the walls, bed frame, the beddings, curtains, carpet, rugs and other accessories.

Since the bed is the main feature in the bedroom, the beddings you put on it could be the focal point that will set the theme of the décor.

Black and white bedding is a versatile concept that can be used for different rooms in a number of styles. There are a variety of prints, patterns and designs for Black and white beddings. You may select black details on white or white features on black designs for your black and white bedding depending on what spatial effect you want to achieve. Choose abstract bold motifs, or classical floral themes to reflect your personality. 

For the daring theatrical person, create a dramatic effect by accentuating with black and white bedding in bold prints or in wavy alternating black and white patterns in a room painted in old rose or flaming red. This works well in a large-sized bedroom which can also accommodate a queen or king sized bed. Have a different approach for a smaller room using the same color combination. Paint or wall paper one wall or the headboard in your preferred shade of red and accentuate your black and white bedding with red throw pillows. Highlight the rest of your room with just a few accessories in hues of red.

White or cream walls will make your tiny boudoir look spacious. Highlight with thin-striped or tiny floral black and white bedding. Repeat the black and white theme in small items around the room. 

You like to spend quiet restful moments in your bedroom perhaps writing or reading a favorite book. The minimal look in your furniture will draw attention to the simple elegance of the black and white bedding with small thin black stripes on creamy white background. 

Try utilizing the black and white bedding to express the real you.


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