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Cancer research has a broad spectrum because of the many kinds of cancer that affect different parts of the body. Research has brought better understanding about skin and lung cancer but for numerous other forms of the disease there are scant results. 

Though there are new treatments, prescriptions and medical advice to prevent cancer, the occurrence of cancer in many individuals have increased rather than decrease. In any given community one will notice that friends, acquaintances or family members are struck down with breast cancer. A few of them were in remission but the disease came back aggressively ending in their sad demise.

My family is fortunate that there have not been any issues with any cancer. One brother-in-law had cancerous cells in his skin removed through minor surgery and this had stopped the disease from progressing.

Recently a cousin whose mother’s family has a history of cancer was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has a degree in pharmaceutical research and ironically has been doing breast cancer research with a drug company for twelve years. One of the drugs used as part of chemotherapy for breast cancer patients is a product of this pharmaceutical company. As part of its breast cancer research the company is tracking the patients who have taken the drug.

My cousin, who is more of a dear sister to me, is conducting the breast cancer research to find out the similarities and differences in responses among breast cancer patients who have been treated with this particular drug. She is studying the profiles of patients to pinpoint any one or more common factors that resulted in good responses to the drug and therefore good chances of survival from the disease.

In this breast cancer research, her findings revealed that patients who responded well had a positive attitude towards their medical situation. A patient with a positive attitude has more tolerance to new treatments and smoother transition in adjusting to the medication.

The opposite is true for patients who feel that suffering from breast cancer is like having a death sentence. According to my cousin, patients with such a pessimistic outlook about surviving their ordeal and a negative attitude towards the medication, more often fail to respond well and die from this illness. It seems a person’s attitude and mindset play an important role in the treatment and recovery from sickness.

Apart from my cousin’s findings in the breast cancer research, there are other factors that may have been vital in the healing of breast cancer and many other diseases. Some in the medical field can attest to how having the loving care and support of family and friends have helped in nurturing a positive attitude and indirectly contributed to the healing process.

I hope my dear cousin learns from this breast cancer research. She has my full support and I will gather the rest of the family and all her friends to rally around her to help her fight and win her life back. 


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